Embracing biomechanics with Dr Enda King. Minimising the risk of a ‘plateau’ in rehabilitation. #410

This Friday’s podcast features the heavily in-demand Dr Enda King. Enda is Head of Performance Rehabilitation at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin, and world-leading authority on Hip, Groin and ACL injuries.

In this 20-minute masterclass, Enda provides cutting-edge insight on a number of topics including:
– The role of biomechanical factors in injury prevention and rehabilitation
– Key biomechanical and clinical milestones in the rehabilitation process
– How to identify and address common biomechanical patterns following ACL injury
– Assessing biomechanical factors in the field

You can find Enda on twitter: twitter.com/enda_king
If you would like to keep up to date with the 10th Arsenal SEMS conference, you can find all the details here: www.arsenal.com/semsconference

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