Spotlight on the Patellofemoral Clinical Symposium September 5th, 2015

This symposium is for clinicians who are treating patients with patellofemoral problems.

Join leading researchers and clinicians for an informative, practical, and interactive symposium. Better incorporate best practicies for patellofemoral pain into your practice.

The 4th International Patellofemoral Pain Clinical Symposium will be held at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK on Saturday 5th September 2015.

PFP kneeUnravelling Patellofemoral Pain features latest research, lively debates,  and small group workshops with world leaders.

You will gain clinical expertise through better understanding of the mechanisms causing pain latest management strategies.

Great opportunity for clinicians to hear cutting-edge information from keynotes:

  • Jenny McConnell (Sydney, Australia)
  • Professor Christopher Powers (LA, USA)
  • Professor Kay Crossley (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Professor Erik Witvrouw (Doha, Qatar)

Topics include:

  • Evidence based myth bustng
  • Recalcitrant PFP
  • Live biomechanics & EMG demo of effects of taping /bracing on knee stability
  • New PFP concensus statements

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