Exercise Medicine 2015

By Joe Lightfoot (@JosephLightfoot)

 Exercise Medicine 2015, a two day conference run by the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM – @RSMSEM) this June 19-20th will bring together world leading experts on physical activity.

Physical activity is arguably the most important factor in health. This conference is for all individuals with an interest in health, fitness and physical activity. Now in it’s third year, Exercise Medicine 2015 includes themes on:

  • The built environment
  • Special populations
  • Resistance training
  • Digital health
  • Exercise for specific conditions

We’ll equip individuals with the knowledge to help more people be physically active, introduce new research in rapidly evolving fields and present information on key areas and how it can impact exercise medicine.



Key speakers include:

  • Prof Karim Khan – Exercise is Medicine for older people’s bones and brains
  • Dr Brett Smith –What does the research evidence tell us about disability and physical activity?
  • Simon Allford,Incorparating activity into design
  • Prof Heather McKay – Physical activity strategies for children and youth.
  • Mr Ian Ritchie – Surgeons and physical activity: Leading by example
  • Chris Beardsley – Real world strategies to get people stronger
  • Dr Hamish Reid – Department of Health – Helping healthcare professionals educate their patients about physical activity
  • Prof Steven Blair – The Global Energy Balance Network

PLUS – designated networking time, healthy lunch and drinks reception

Early bird and student discount tickets are now available. For more information, please visit: exercisemedicine2015.eventbrite.co.uk

Dr. Joe Lightfoot is passionate about exercise medicine and sits on the RSM council for Sport & Exercise Medicine.

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