Not just about the knee! Return to Play Conference “The ACL”, Melbourne July 26, 2014



The return to sport following an ACL reconstruction is often discussed in the media in terms of timelines, often with little regard to the athlete or an understanding of the process not being all about the knee. The ability to withstand multi joint, multi directional movement is vital at high load in a linear then multi planar movements. This requires the integrated care of surgeon, physiotherapists and physical trainers alongside strength and conditioning staff.

Programs around the world are addressing ACL injury risk using 3D motion capture technology to quantify these movements accurately and with joint moment and angular vector, The Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin are utilising this technology to map individualised rehabilitation programs to expediate return safely with increased performance goals. As part of this initiative the clinic are launching a Global Research Foundation later in 2014. The aims of the foundation are to conduct original research with Global Centres focussing initially on 3D Biomechanics return to Play rehabiliation and the  rapid translation of original research, and as part of the goals education is a strong one.

To highlight the process of return to play rather than the injury itself the Foundation are holding a Conference in conjunction with The Centre for Health Exercise and Sports Medicine in University of Melbourne bringing together expertise in injury prevention, the psychology of injury and also the techniques of surgery but a focus on the strength, rate of force development, linear and multidirectional running resilience required to safely return to play. The Conference will be discussing much of the evidence behind 3D Biomechanics and also  concurrent injury with Professor Julian Feller from Melbourne and Bert Mandelbaum from the US from a surgical perspective. Dr Kate Webster will speak on the Psychological challenges and impact of rehabilitation and Dr Andrew Jowett will speak on the financial and emotional costs to clubs.

Prof Martin Schwellnus from Cape Town will talk on the Risk factors including genetics for ACL injury and Dr Eanna Falvey on ACL injury Prevention and Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller on the 3D Biomechanics of multi directional sport performance. Rehabilitation and linear and multi directional return will be discussed by Enda King from SSC, and Suki Hobson and Mike Snelling from Australia.

The player perspective is most important and  will be represented by the high profile Geelong player Daniel Menzel who has had 4 ACL reconstructions including a LARS reconstruction and will be interviewed by Dr Peter Brukner on his challenges, thoughts and rehab experiences. It is not just about the knee.

Few places remain – join us in Melbourne

The Dublin SSC team will also be delivering a 1/2 day workshop for those working with Elite athletes on the 3D Athletic Groin Pain  Rehabilitation program via Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre on Sunday 27th July.

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