Concussion to groin pain: BJSM editors and authors contribute to a 200-strong clinician education event

BJSM editors and authors contributed to a 200-strong clinician education event run by the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine of Ireland on Tuesday April 29.

Andy Franklyn-Miller argued the ‘compartment pressure’ syndrome was a misnomer for pathology that relates to relative overuse. His article can be found HERE  (OPEN ACESS) in BJSM and his podcast on the topic is among the top 5 of all time on BJSM podcasts (LISTEN HERE).

BJSM concussion cover 2014Eanna Falvey addressed the challenges of deciding on return to play in concussion and he challenged what many US newspapers are taking as gospel – that repeated concussion leads to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). BJSM’s 4th issue of 2014 addressed this question and Paul McCrory is on BJSM podcasts (LISTEN HERE).

Senior Associate Editor Peter Brukner (@PeterBrukner) reviewed the challenges of managing groin pain in sport. He argues that Copenhagen’s Per Holmich’s ‘entities’ approach is a useful one. You can see watch Per Holmich talk about history and clinical examination on YouTube (HERE) and read about the entities (HERE).

To close off the educational event, BJSM Editor in Chief Karim Khan reviewed the pathogenesis of tendinopathy arguing that collagen failure and abnormal tendon cells/matrix needs to be respected even if there are some biochemical changes that have loosely been linked to ‘inflammatory’ pathways. The new BJSM paper ‘Time to revisit inflammation”  (OPEN ACCESS)  is a thought-provoking contribution to tendinopathy management science by UK Professor Jonathan Rees. If you are interested in tendon injuries and their quality management, go to Oxford in September (2014). International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium.

This event was part of a 10-city educational tour of UK supported by BJSM, McGraw-Hill publishers, and Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, Qatar.

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