Dutch Minister welcomes recognition of Sports Medicine as a specialty


“Sport and exercise are becoming more and more important to Dutch healthcare”

Sports medicine is as of today, April 8th, 2014, a recognized specialty in the Netherlands. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport has accepted the decision to this effect by the College of Medical Specialties (CGS) of the doctors Federation KNMG. The title Sports physician is now a legally recognized speciality in the Netherlands.
After a thorough preliminary phase, the CGS decided that sports medicine is now a specialty. This decision is now supported by the Minister. The CGS sees an independent field of healthcare for this domain, where the sports physician is particularly complementary to and in synergy  with the existing disciplines. “Sport and exercise  medicine/health care are becoming more and more important. Due to the increase in the number of elderly and chronically ill, it is necessary to increase the specific expertise of the sports physician” said Dr. Ted van Essen, President of the CGS.

Van der Gaag, President of the KNMG calls it a historic moment. “It’s been a very  long time since another field has been recognized as a specialty.”
Independent field

The Netherlands Association of Sports Medicine presented the application for recognition as a specialty. For the last ten years the field has experienced a great development in quality, training, scientific research and positioning. Sports medicine has developed into an independent discipline with its own scientific domain and scientific research. The recognition as a specialty contributes to a high quality of medical care.

In addition, healthcare costs could decrease due to good sport health guidance, interventions and injury prevention.
For more information Anja Bruinsma, Netherlands Association of Sports Medicine +31 302252290+31 302252290

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