Link to Ross Tucker’s Podcast – ‘What makes an Olympic champion?’

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This blog is to alert those of you who prefer to get your news from the BJSM blog that…(drum roll…)

You’ll probably enjoy taking 20 minutes to listen to Dr Ross Tucker’s podcast about whether champions are born or made. Dr Tucker is a very experienced science communicator – as his red-hot blog following attests.

To listen to the podcast click here: Dr Tucker assesses the role of genetics, training and the validity of the ‘10,000 hour’ concept. He rationally, and with evidence, discusses the eligibility of Oscar Pistorius and Caster Semenya in the Olympics. myth, and the two South African Olympians who have stirred up questions about who is eligible to compete where.

Dr Tucker is an exercise physiologist, conditioning coach, and team coach. He is based at the University of Cape Town in the Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Department and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

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And by the way – congratulations to Danny Boyle for providing such a great Opening Ceremony. Tough gig. Loved all of it. Underscored the value of ‘take your work seriously but don’t take yourself seriously’. Thanks Queen and thanks Rowan Atkinson, among others! (And there were lots of very entertaining tweets going on in the background!) #onceinalifetime




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