Mark Hutchinson’s YouTube videos showing how to examine joints passes 2.5 million views!

Long-standing BJSM Blog readers will know of Mark Hutchinson’s world famous physical exam videos but I continue to run across many folks at conferences who don’t know of this terrific free teaching tool.

If you want to polish up on physical examination of the shoulder, knee, hip/groin – you’ll love the range of videos. You can get to them via the BJSM home page (‘Videos’) and scroll down past the pictures of Richard Frobell (NEJM author, knee study) and Lars Engebretsen (IOC head of sports medicine sports science, Injury Prevention Health Protection journal editor.

There you have them – 45 videos – the expert in the room with you. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter etc. McMurray’s test video itself has over 750,000 views.

Thanks to Professor Mark Hutchinson, University of Chicago at Illinois. Sports medicine champion extraordinaire!

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And thanks for the plaudits on being in the top 4 in Sports Medicine Social Media! Whoa! We better keep the standard up!! Let us know what you want more of!!

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