Inaugural World Extreme Medicine Conference & EXPO, April 15th-18th 2012

Official Announcement

Inaugural World Extreme Medicine Conference & EXPO

“Taking Medicine to the Extremes”

April 15th-18th 2012, The Royal Society of Medicine, London

This spring, The Royal Society of Medicine will host the inaugural World Extreme Medicine Conference & EXPO from Sunday 15th – Wednesday 18th April, aimed at attracting a range of attendees from across the medical profession.

The last decade has seen the care of global casualties significantly improve.  Often, this has been driven forward by conflict and war, the rise in natural disasters and the capacity to respond quickly on an international scale.

As a result, there has been a growing interest and recognition of remote and expedition medicine and this has triggered the opportunity for an extreme medicine conference, the first of its kind in the world, accredited by the Wilderness Medical Society.

The four day event will host some of the very best speakers from around the world including Dr Gordon Giesbrecht,  Dr Kobi Peleg and Professor Mike Grocott, leading figures in remote extreme medicine fields including expedition and wilderness, pre-hospital, disaster and relief medicine.

The specialist conference has been developed specifically with medical professionals in mind and welcomes medical specialists (doctors, nurses and paramedics) and ‘aspiring’ extreme medicine university students from across the World.

“This conference is a fantastic opportunity for medics to gain insight and knowledge from leading professionals in extreme medicine. A mix of lectures, Q&A’s and exhibitions will focus on a variety of scenarios including expedition and wilderness medicines, disaster relief, endurance events and security and safety in hostile environments.”

– Dr Amy Hughes, Medical Director, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Each day of the conference will focus on a different aspect of extreme medicine. The first day will see keynotes and panel discussions on expedition and wilderness medicine including subjects such as frostbite, hypothermia, altitude medicine, terrestrial & marine envenomation.

The following three days will explore many subjects such as medicine in different environments, pre-hospital medicine for major events, code of conduct in disaster relief, natural disasters, endurance events and security and safety in hostile environments.

The conference is a unique opportunity to share the insight and knowledge of the leaders in the field, explore the opportunities that this area of medicine could offer and obtain valuable CME credits.

For full details of the topics and lecturers:

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