Have you looked at the podcast list? Great guests! Easy to find – free!

Just a very quick blog today — to alert you to the Podcast icon on the BJSM home page. The page includes a guest index so you can look up Jon Drezner, Steve Blair, Jill Cook, Lars Engebretsen, Robert Jan de Vos, Robert Sallis, Jiri Dvorak, Richard Frobell, and more – a veritable galaxy of stars!

Most podcasts are not time-sensitive – Paul McCrory’s post Zurich discussion remains relevant if you have not listened to it.

Feel free to suggest who you would like to listen to – email me at karim.khan@ubc.ca.  Or Tweet and include the @BJSM_BMJ handle in the body of the tweet! Snail mail works too! I’m building up the courage to ask Malcolm Gladwell but it probably needs $, not courage!

Enjoy – and please do feel free to share your feedback!

And remember that we love Guest Blogs – 200-400 words – we’ll do the posting for you – just send an email!

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