View Top Lectures Online: IOC World Conference of Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport (Monaco, April)

On April 7-9 , 2011 I was among 900 attendees at the fantastic IOC World Conference of Prevention of Injury& Illness in Sport in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. The great program included:

  • Sudden cardiac death (Jonathan Drezner, USA; Antonio Pelliccia, Italy)
  • What is the best practice for musculoskeletal screening if prevention is the objective? (Roald Bahr, Norway)
  • Mechanisms for sports injuries (Tron Krosshaug, Norway)
  • Education and implementation – the FIFA model (Jiri Dvorak, Switzerland; Astrid Junge,Switzerland; Colin Fuller, UK)
  • Prevention and management strategies of hamstring injuries in football – practical considerations (Anthony Schache, Australia)
  • The health of the Olympic athlete (Lars Engebretsen, Switzerland) and;
  • A personal favorite – BJSM ‘Implementation Editor’ Caroline Finch (Australia) on – you guessed it – the art and science of implementation research

These presentations (and more) are now available on the IOC website. Just click on the icon on the Homepage On-line presentations and then select Monaco to have access to the presentations.

Presentations from the IOC Advanced Team Physician Course are also available online – just select Cavli.

This website is a great educational resource for clinicians  – share your favourites on Twitter and include @BSJM_BMJ in your message so we find it!

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