Can Exercise Advice be ‘Made to Stick’?

The Sports Physiotherapist website opens up the topic of evidence-based exercise prescription – we wouldn’t examine the knee by just starting anywhere through the process and randomly poking parts – we use the evidence to examine the knee in a logical way!

If the most important therapy is exercise (Church 2009) why do only few medical schools teach about prescribing exercise? Fortunately, exercise prescription is a strong suit in physio schools. And this recent Sports PT blog post starts to scratch the surface on helpful tips for making our advice ‘stick’.

Please post your comment on how you get patients to follow advice in the comments box below.

On subject of messaging with impact, the book ‘Made to Stick’ is a life-changer  – not just for work but for communicating in all walks of life. Think about giving it to someone or yourself as an Easter present.

In this BJSM editorial Young, Macri and I provided some thoughts on effective physical activity prescription: Can exercise advice be ‘made to stick’? Combining psychology and technology to improve patient uptake of physical activity prescription.

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