Patellofemoral pain syndrome? Consider orthoses or more comfortable shoes!

In the current issue of BJSM, Barton, Menz, and Crossley’s report on The immediate effects of foot orthoses on functional performance in individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome. Their paper supports the beneficial effects of prefabricated orthoses. Orthoses “provide immediate improvements in functional performance, and these improvements are associated with a more pronated foot type and poorer footwear motion control properties.”

Potential good news for those suffering from knee pain!

Fellow blogger Ian Griffiths weighs in on the discussion of pronation and injury prevention with his recent post: What running shoes should you wear? The myths busted . He also offers a brief, and interesting history of running shoe prescription. 

What do you think about the relationship between foot mechanics and lower limb injury? Is shoe ‘cushioning’ a myth and comfort the most important thing? It’s been a big year for changes in paradigms in this field — Benno Nigg’s work on the mechanisms of action, Irene McClay on barefoot running and new data on orthoses. Exciting times – gotta love new data!

Send us your comments and let us know what works in your clinical practice.

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