Shortcut to top advances for 2010

I loved the idea behind this BMJ Blog by Domhnall MacAuley and the papers are fascinating! What a year it has been for sport and exercise medicine. Patients truly better off as a result of all this work. Great stuff!And think of those misguided souls who thought that sports and exercise medicine wasn’t a substantial part of medicine. I clearly remember being told to specialise in orthopaedics or rheumatology as I attempted to put together the next year’s rotations after internship. Bad advice. Glad I rejected it out of hand and trained instead at the inchoate Malvern Sports Medicine Clinic, and then the embryonic Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic and Olympic Part Sports Medicine Clinics. 30 years later these are among the international leaders in sport and exercise medicine delivery and contributors to substantial research (through no fault of mine!). Good choice as  Sam says in the movie ‘I am Sam’.

A great year for sports and exercise medicine and an exciting time for young clinicians from all the disciplines/professions that make up our field – the only one that has movement for health at its core! As Jerry Morris said in 1994 (from memory) – physical activity is the ‘best buy’ for public health. (OK, he said exercise was the best buy for cardiovascular health, but let’s not split hairs when the spirit of his message was about physical activity and public health :).

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