Exergame may be the future in innovative settings – what about depression?

You’ve got depression and they want you to motivate yourself to go for a run. Like telling the bloke with the deafness to listen for the phone call about hearing aid appointment. But if the activity is fun, stimulating, it may work both ways. Neuroscience Research Australia researcher Stuart Smith presented a compelling argument that videogames could be an important bridge between the need for exercise and the motivation to do it.

He contrasted spinal cord injured patients doing mind-numbing tasks like moving sandbags from one pile to another with their obsession to play video games and get lots of balance exercises that way. Inpatients were lined up at the door to get in to ‘play’.

Time for innovation – creativity —  in prescribing exercise — the most powerful health modality.

See the relevant Facebook page (of course) Games for Health Australasia

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