Travel & Conference Opportunity for Physicians and Physiotherapists – July 16-27, 2011

7- night luxury cruise and conference in the Galapagos Island plus a 4 night extension in Quito, Ecuador

“When the pelvis gives way, it’s tough to play: the role of the pelvis in recurrent hamstring and groin problems.”

In this highly anticipated conference, Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee and Diane Lee will illustrate the application of The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) to a wide variety of clinical presentations of recurrent hamstring and groin problems (disability and/or pain). The ISM, which is fully described in the  4th edition of The Pelvic Girdle (Elsevier, due for release in November 2010), provides a framework for the clinician to organize knowledge gained both from research and clinical experience. The approach is highly individual (patient-centered) and evidence-based (integrates the best available science and clinical expertise). By the end of the conference, participants will have the scientific rationale, clinical reasoning experience, and clinical skills to effect the best possible outcome for their patients with these challenging problems.

Please visit for full costs, speaker bios, and itinerary information; send your expression of interest now to ensure you have a spot on this exciting adventure – email

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