How to listen to BJSM Content on your iPod

A recent email from a reader detailed how she used a computer application to convert text from the online edition of the BJSM to an mp3 audio file so she could listen to it while running. She used a piece of software called Visual Text to Speech MP3, but there are a number of similar applications for both Windows and Mac.

Because this is such a great idea for busy people on-the-go, I’ve provided some links that I think will be helpful for those who want to give this a try for themselves. Remember to check the system requirements for any application you are thinking of purchasing to ensure that it will work on your particular system.

For Windows:

Visual Text to Speech MP3

For Mac:

Text to Speech to MP3

Enjoy keeping physically active while motoring through your favourite BJSM content! And I promise more podcasts to come as well!

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