Patient Handouts

Dr Chris Milne has been kind enough to share his patient handouts. Feel free to use them:

Chris Milne’s Patient Handout 1: AC joint strain

Chris Milne’s Patient Handout 2: Rotator Cuff tear patient handout

Another article “Intravenous fluids and TUE requirements” has been supplied by the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (ASDMAC).

Intravenous fluids and TUE requirements From the World Anti Doping Agency – WADA

Each year WADA refreshes the list of prohibited substances and methods. In the 2008 list, under the category of prohibited methods, subcategory ‘Chemical and Physical Manipulation’, WADA has included the following statement ‘IV infusion is prohibited. In an acute medical situation where this method is deemed necessary, a retroactive TUE will be required’. This article discusses this decision and its implications.

Please feel free to send your patient handouts to the blog. We could end up making the Wikipedia for patient handouts on this site!

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