Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in Sport?

From Oxford University we learn of a hot topic debate by highly-cited authors Savulescu and Devine. Oxford runs Online debates – this one is ‘Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in sport‘?

Professor Julian Savulescu and Dr John William Devine are debating different sides of the question with the eminent Oxford philosopher Roger Crisp moderating.

See the special feature on the Oxford Practical ethics blog here. The official debate website is here.

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  • David

    Always a very contentious debate; if we take a historical look at sport there was a time when it may have been considered “cheating” to have trained for an event, nowadays one would be surprised if athletes at any level engaged in competition without a well thought through training regimen likely to involve systematic training, carefully regulated diet and of course adequate rest. Bodybuilding has two distinct and celebrated codes; one embracing the [ab]use of anabolic steroids and one using natural anabolic agents. Le Tour de France has been steeped in drugs scandal for years, perish the day when the overall winner would wear the Yellow Jersey, the under 23 winner a White Jersey and the winner who has uses EPO or maybe steroids … A jersey of colour yet to be determined by the organizer?