The Heart in Medicine, History and Culture

December 2020 SIThe heart in medicine, history and culture [read the article summary]
Therese Feiler, Joshua Hordern

Sacred hearts and pumps: cardiology and the conflicted body politic (1500–1900)
Therese Feiler

The haunted heart and the Holy Ghost: on retrieval, donation and death [read the article summary]
Joshua Hordern

Heart surgery and transplantation: innovations impacting on concepts of life and death [read the article summary]
David K C Cooper

Pump, person and Parfit: why the constitutive heart matters [read the article summary]
Hugh Farrell McIntyre

Reflections on the heart: medicine, emotion and history
Fay Bound Alberti

Integrating drawings into health curricula: university educators’ perspectives
Melissa Mei Yin Cheung, Bandana Saini, Lorraine Smith

’Knowing everything and yet nothing about her’: medical students’ reflections on their experience of the dissection room
Christopher Kassam, Robbie Duschinsky, Cecilia Brassett, Stephen Barclay

Transformational learning for health professionals through a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop
Satendra Singh, Juhi Kalra, Sanjoy Das, Purnima Barua, Navjeevan Singh, Upreet Dhaliwal

Psychosocial curating: a theory and practice of exhibition-making at the intersection between health and aesthetics [read the article summary]
Vanessa Bartlett

Culture and mood disorders: the effect of abstraction in image, narrative and film on depression and anxiety [read the article summary]
James Carney

State, religion and the marginalisation of traditional healing in Gwadar, Pakistan [read the article summary]
Shakir Ullah, He Guoqiang, Usman Khan, Komal Niazi

Visualising the body: health professionals’ perceptions of their clinical drawing practices
Philippa Morag Lyon, Martha Turland

From hermeneutics to heteroglossia: ‘The Patient’s View’ revisited [read the article summary]
Benjamin Chin-Yee, Pablo Diaz, Pier Bryden, Sophie Soklaridis, Ayelet Kuper

Modern tragedies in self-help literature, blogs and online universes: conceptions of resilience as a literary phenomenon
Louise Folker Christensen, Peter Simonsen, Anna Paldam Folker

Public attention for private concerns: intellectual disability parents’ organisations in the Republic of Ireland, 1955–1970 [read the article summary]
David Kilgannon

Public hygiene and funeral rituals during the Risorgimento: mummies and ashes
Silvia Marinozzi, Daniela Messineo, Valentina Gazzaniga, Silvia Iorio

Animal research nexus: a new approach to the connections between science, health and animal welfare
Gail Davies, Richard Gorman, Beth Greenhough, Pru Hobson-West, Robert G W Kirk, Reuben Message, Dmitriy Myelnikov, Alexandra Palmer, Emma Roe, Vanessa Ashall, Bentley Crudgington, Renelle McGlacken, Sara Peres, Tess Skidmore

Exploring the conceptualisation and study of freebirthing as a historical and social phenomenon: a meta-narrative review of diverse research traditions
Gemma McKenzie, Glenn Robert, Elsa Montgomery

Cultivating the dispositions to connect: an exploration of therapeutic empathy
Doug Hardman, Phil Hutchinson

Conceptualising illness and disease: reflections on Sharpe and Greco (2019)
Carolyn Wilshire, Tony Ward

Virtual volunteers: the importance of restructuring medical volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic
Zachary Pickell, Kathleen Gu, Aaron M Williams

A concerning display of medical indifference: reply to ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome and an illness-focused approach to care: controversy, morality and paradox’ [read the article summary]
Diane O’Leary

Sarah Orne Jewett’s depictions of women in a changing medical profession: Nan Prince and Almira Todd [read the article summary]
Catherine Hand

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