December Issue, featuring Hearing and the Medical Humanities

Editor’s Note:

Welcome to our December Issue, which includes original research on a variety of medical humanities topics, and three open access articles. In addition the December issue features a Special Section on Hearing and the Medical Humanities, guest edited by Dr. Bonnie Miller, Musculoskeletal Project Manager, NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre MSK Communication Lead, Digital Supervisor IAS, Recruitment Co-ordinator Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre. The section features intend to open discussions that engage with medical, social and cultural models. By so doing it is our hope that it will stimulate rich and fruitful dialogues across the humanities and medicine about the human auditory experience. Finally, December also provides the last of our 2019 Research Forum, Being Well Together. This one looks at interspecies counter-conduct in the history of AIDS. We have been very fortunate this year to have supported such a wide variety of work in the medical humanities, and encourage additional submissions that explore global health, cultural practice, animal and human interaction, and disability studies. We further invite you to return in the New Year for our 2020 focus on accessibility and social justice. May you enjoy a peaceful and restive winter break!

December’s Special Issue on Hearing Impairment and the Medical Humanities
by Bonnie Miller

Exploring Gendered Leadership Stereotypes in a Shared Leadership Model in Healthcare: A Case Study
by Saam Idelji-Tehrani and Muna Al-Jawad

Ferments and the AIDS Virus: Interspecies Counter-Conduct in the History of AIDS
Justin Abraham Linds

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