December 2018 Special Issue: Medical and Health Humanities in Africa

Special Issue Focus: Medical Humanities in Africa

Medical and Health Humanities in Africa – Inclusion, Access, and Social Justice

Critical Orientations for Humanising Health Sciences Education in South Africa
by Berna Gerber, Michelle Pentecost, Megan Wainwright and Thomas Cousins

Reflections on a Field Across Time and Space: The Emergent Medical and Health Humanities in South Africa
by Victoria Hume and Megan Wainwright

Pharmaceuticals and Modern Statecraft in South Africa: The Cases of Opium Thalidomide and Contraception
by Julie Parle, Rebecca Hodes and Thembisa Waetjen

Toxic Layering Through Three Disciplinary Lenses: Childhood Poisoning and Street Pesticide use in Cape Town South Africa
by Alison Swartz, Susan Levine, Hanna-Andrea Rother and Fritha Langerman

Beyond the Lab: Eh!woza and Knowing Tuberculosis
by Bianca Masuku, Anastasia Koch, Ed Young, Digby Warner and Nolwazi Mkhwanazi

Field Notes in the Clinic on Medicine, Anthropology and Pedagogy in South Africa
by Michelle Pentecost

Walking Up Hills, Through History, And In-Between Disciplines: MHH And Health Sciences Education At The Tip Of Africa
by Carla Tsampiras

Biomedicine and the Humanities: Growing Pains
by Victoria Jane Hume, Benson A Mulemi and Musa Sadock

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