Medical and Health Humanities in Africa – Inclusion, Access, and Social Justice

Wamkelekile, karibu, welkom, and welcome to this special issue of the journal titled ‘Medical and Health Humanities in Africa – Inclusion, Access, and Social Justice’. Medical and Health Humanities (MHH) is a nascent field on the African continent; while the research, teaching, and practices of many people can be categorised as being MHH, it is only in the last six years that practitioners have initiated formal networks, convened conferences, and applied for funding to explore the particular form and experiences of MHH in parts of Africa. As researchers, lecturers and practitioners of MHH based in South Africa, we have an interest in finding out if, and how, MHH is unfolding in other countries on the continent. The special issue is thus born from two desires. The first is to seek and strengthen networks continentally and internationally, and the second is to explore understandings, practices, and perceptions of MMH in other African countries.

Listen to two of the three guest editors, Carla Tsampiras and Nolwazi Mkhwanazi, discuss the cultural context and issues of MH and social justice here:

Read the full article on the Medical Humanities Journal website.

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