We’re Back!

Just a quick housekeeping post: the servers fell over a couple of days ago, so noone has been able to moderate – or, as far as I can tell, submit – comments.  But hopefully things’re back on track now.

There has been a couple of changes, though: I have a feeling that the comments whitelist may have been wiped, so people may have to fill in all their details again to comment.  And there’s a couple of other alterations, too, so I’ve fiddled with some of the settings in the hope that the transition’ll be smooth – and hopefully the servers will stay standing.  I can’t see how to get the button that tweets posts back, nor the one that likes them on Facebook: I’ll keep looking for them.  Fingers crossed, eh?  Ah-ha!  Got ’em!

Update: One other change: there’s a hell of a lot of spam coming in, so I’m going to close comments on a post after a month to save having to mod and delete each post individually.


As you were.

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