Conference: Beyond the Body? Perspectives on Enhancement

The Wellcome Trust Programme ‘The Human Body: its scope limits and future’ will be holding a two day conference titled ‘Beyond the Body? Perspectives on Enhancement’ in Manchester from 9th to the 11th April 2010.

The conference will explore new bioethical, sociological, technological, and legal approaches to human enhancement. It will bring together leading thinkers working in these disciplines to discuss the range of themes encompassed by this subject. There will be a particular emphasis on cybertechnologies and what it means to be a mechanised human.

9th April: 19.30

Professor Inez de Beaufort: “Perspectives on Enhancement in Popular Culture”

10th April

Dr Jens Clausen, Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley and Professor Maartje Schermer, “Neuroethics and Cognitive Enhancement ”

Dr Melanie Latham, Professor Marie Fox and Dr Stefan Sorgner, “Bodies and Boundaries”

Dr Mark Gasson and Dr Andrew Jackson, “We/Robots?”

11th April

Dr Tom Douglas, Dr Katrien Devolder and Dr Cinara Nahra, “Moral Enhancement”

Dr Susan Stuart, Dr James Hughes and Dr Anders Sandberg, “Machine Minds”

Fees: Attending for 1 day: £20

Attending for both days: £30

All conference participants will be able to attend Professor de Beaufort’s session on Friday the 9th

Location: Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre

Partners: Wellcome Trust Programme, ‘The Human Body: its scope limits and future, iSEI, CSEP and the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (Edinburgh)

Registration for this event is now open.

More information about the conference and how to register is available via

There will also be some fully funded places available for students of The University of Manchester; contact Elizabeth Bark for details.

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