Conference: NICE, Age Discrimination, and Treatment at the End of Life 16th April 2010

Following the recent Department of Health Report, Achieving Age Equality
in Health and Social Care, UCL is pleased to announce a free one day
conference on the topic of how the NHS should deal with questions of age
when making decisions about which treatments to fund at the end of

This conference is supported by the UCLH/UCL Comprehensive Biomedical
Research Centre and the UCL Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of
9.30am Coffee and registration

10am Welcome Jo Wolff (UCL)

10.15am How does NICE view age? Andrew Stevens (Birmingham)

11am Age weighting and the QALY. Mark Sculpher (York)

12pm Age discrimination: some analytical issues. John Macnicol (LSE)

1pm Lunch

1.45pm Life saving treatments and the QALY. Aki Tsuchiya (Sheffield)

2.45pm Is the rule of rescue dead? Sarah Edwards (UCL)

3.30pm Tea

4pm What matters in extending life? Jo Wolff (UCL)

5pm Close

Wellcome Trust, 183 Euston Road.
16th April 2010.


To register, please email and await

Further details of the conference available here:
For all other enquiries, please contact Sarah Edwards
( or Jo Wolff (

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