Funeral Expenses? I’m Going to be Pickled!

Since we’re technically still in the holiday period, have a bit more silliness.

This concerns a scheme that is a supposed to disincentivise drink-driving.  A funeral home in Rome, Georgia, is offering…  Oh, what the hell.  I’ll let the local paper, the Rome News-Tribune, tell the story:

Between now and noon on Thursday, drivers can visit McGuire, Jennings and Miller Funeral Home on North Broad Street and sign a contract stating they plan to drink or use drugs and drive on New Year’s Eve. If they are then killed in a wreck while operating a vehicle on Thursday, the funeral home will bury them for free.

I’m not sure that this is really the disincentive it could be.  After all, funerals are expensive, so it might be the best thing all round for those who are worried about passing on that cost to neck a bottle of bourbon and get behind the wheel…

Tough luck if you’re killed driving home just after midnight, too.

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