Progress in Medicine Conference

Bristol, 13-15 April.

The aims of this conference are:

  • To examine the nature, scope, causes, and grounds of progress in medicine.
  • To provide a forum for developing the unified study of the history and philosophy of medicine, and in particular raising the profile of the philosophy of medicine in the UK and its engagement with the history of medicine.
  • To create interdisciplinary bridges between the medical, philosophical, and historical professions, enabling medical professionals to become more theoretically engaged, while philosophers and philosophically-minded historians of medicine engage with the actual practice of medical professionals, so that their research reflects the realities and needs of modern medicine.
  • To facilitate the wider dissemination of research into the philosophy and history of medicine beyond the boundaries of those disciplines, and especially in medical practice.
  • To identify opportunities for public engagement concerning the relation between medical progress and changing attitudes to medical knowledge, the medical profession, and medical authority.
  • Conference website (with link to CfP) here.

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