Philosophy of Medicine Workshop, Bristol, 28.x.09

This looks like it could be interesting…

Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol

This is an informal workshop on topics in the philosophy of medicine.

Everyone is welcome.

•09.45–11.00 Kevin Brosnan (Cambridge) “Does nothing in medicine make sense except in light of evolution?”
•11.15–12.30 Jeremy Howick (UCL) “Defining a role for mechanistic reasoning in EBM”
•13.30–14.45 Havi Carel (UWE) “Phenomenology and its application in clinical medicine”
•15.00–16.15 Alex Broadbent (Cambridge) “Inferring causation in epidemiology: mechanisms, black boxes, and contrasts”

The workshop will take place in the Common Room, Ground Floor, Department of Philosophy, 9 Woodland Road.

There is no need to register—it will be fine if you just turn up on the day. (If you do know that you are coming, it may be helpful to let us know, to ensure that we have a large enough room.) If you have any questions, please contact Alexander.Bird {AT}

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