You may have heard last week about the Microsoft advert running in Poland that had been… um… how can I put it?… ethnically re-envisioned (and badly, too: even I could Photoshop an image more convincingly, and I’m like a blind monkey with scissors).  And Ford got into trouble a few years ago for doing something similar.

Well, it would seem that Lublin Medical School – or, at least, its web designers – has been doing the same thing, doctoring (geddit?) the ethnic makeup of its publicity bumf according to the audience.  (The link goes to Photoshop Disasters rather than the university itself, because something tells me that, even if the original page is still up as I’m writing this, it won’t be for long.)

I can see the defence here: advertising is about appealing to people, and different parts of the world will respond to appeals differently, demographics, culture, blah-di-blah-di-blah.  But – really – do you have to be so obvious in your tampering?  Y’know: at least make the buttons to switch from the Polish to English versions a bit harder to find or something…


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