Ask a Homeopath a Question…

The Guardian has a feature in its “Ethical Living” feature called “You Ask, They Answer”.  This provides a forum in which readers can put questions to firms, people and so on.  This week, the subject was Neal’s Yard Remedies, purveyor of… um… “remedies” to the kind of people who go in for aromatherapy and homeopathy and the belief that natural is best because there are no CHEMICALS in nature. 

The grilling supplied by readers is impressive and heartening.  A lot of it is along the lines of “Why do you sell pointless crap and, in doing so, undermine the scientific method, spout bullshit, and potentially put people’s health in danger?”  (I’m simplifying a bit, but the gist’s about right.)

NYR’s response is… well, it isn’t.  They don’t seem to want to play any more, and won’t be answering.  Or maybe the answers have been provided but, in the best tradition of homeopathy, not in any detectable way.

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