Engelhardt Lecture, Cambridge: Can Someone do me a Favour?

Tristram Engelhardt is giving a lecture entitled “Moral Pluralism and the Crisis of Secular Bioethics: Why Orthodox Christian Bioethics has the Solution” at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies at Wesley House in Cambridge on the 3rd June.  It’s a provoking title – and my guess is that I’d probably disagree with just about every word after “Good evening”.  Notwithstanding this – in fact, because of it – I’d like to go, just because I’m fascinated to know how the claim in the talk’s title could be made to have even a chance of working.  But I can’t make it.

So: I have a request.  Is there a reader who is going who’d be willing to give me an account of the talk that I could post on the blog?  In fact, let’s go one better: Tristram – if you happen to be reading this – could you send me a copy of your lecture?  My email address’s in my profile.

In the meantime, I’ll satisfy myself with the irony of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies having its home in Wesley House.

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