The Vagina is Full of AIDS!

I’ve just been pointed in the direction of this YouTube gem, which ostensibly demonstrates why condoms don’t offer protection against Aids.  It’s a little experiment involving a glass, a tea-strainer, and some out-of-date soya milk.  The rest you can work out for yourselves.  It has to be a piss-take, doesn’t it?  (Actually, I’m not so sure.  I’ve watched a couple of the poster’s other videos…  I think he means it.  Have a look at his film on why homosexuality is wrong: heterosexual sex within marriage gives you children, while homosexual sex gives you – yep – AIDS!)

Anyway: as is the way with these things, the OP has generated a response.  It’s puerile, of course… but funny all the same.  And it’s much more intelligent than the OP.


UPDATE: Naaaah.  I’ve changed my mind.  The OP must be a spoof – have a look at this, specifically from about 2:20.

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