Do you know what is going to happen in bioethics in the future?

If you know what is going to happen in bioethics in the future here is the competition for you, courtesy of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics (SSBE), Bioethica Forum is sponsoring a competition to imagine and argue for – or against – possible scenarios for the future of Bioethics in the next 20 years. Deadline for submissions is June 30th 2009. Up to three prizes, and a Student prize, will be awarded. The Jubilee contest winner and the Student prize winner will be invited to present their paper at the SSBE Jubilee symposium in December 2009, and will receive a stipend to contribute to their travel and accommodation expenses. The essays will be published in Bioethica Forum in 2010.
Papers submitted to this competition can address any aspect of Bioethics, as well as the field as a whole, and examine future scenarios in terms of internal shifts and methodological developments, but also of how emerging issues, social developments, changes in academia, or any other possible trends might affect our field. Selection criteria will include plausibility and the quality of arguments for – or against – the outlined future, but also creativity and humour.
Bioethica Forum ( is the official journal of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics. It is peer reviewed, interdisciplinary, and focuses on ethical issues in health care, research, biotechnologies, and public health. Bioethica Forum is published in German, French, and English with abstracts in all three languages. The journal also provides a forum for exchange of experience between practitioners across the disciplines regarding ethical issues.
Researchers at all career stages, as well as students in bioethics and related fields, including but not limited to philosophy, law, medicine, nursing, and sociology, are encouraged to participate. Submissions are invited from both in and outside Switzerland.
Submitted manuscripts must be in English, German, or French, and should not exceed 4000 words. Mark your entry «Future of Bioethics Competition» and send it to: with a short CV no later than June 30th 2009. Results will be announced to competitors at the beginning of September 2009.

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