Katayon Ahmadi, Leila Amiri-Farahani, Shima Haghani, Seyedeh Batool Hasanpoor‑Azghady, Sally Pezaro. Exploring the intensity, barriers and correlates of physical activity In Iranian pregnant women: a cross-sectional study. 

The full paper can be accessed here.


Tell us more about yourself and the author team.

I am Katayoun Ahmadi. I have a master’s degree in midwifery, The first author of the article. Amiri Farahani is the supervisor of the dissertation. Ms Dr Hassanpour Azghadi is the thesis consultant Shima Haqqani was a statistical consultant.


What is the story behind your study?

I chose this issue because I live in a place in Iran where the activity of pregnant women seemed to me to be less than average. I decided to study this issue.


In your own words, what did you find?

In this study, we concluded that most physical activity in pregnant women is related to mild physical activity. The most and least perceived barriers to physical activity are related to not Family discouragement and Time expenditure.


What was the main challenge you faced in your study?

The target population was the study of women living in urban areas. The challenge I faced in this study was whether the level of physical activity and its perceived barriers are the same in women living in rural areas?


If there is one take-home message from your study, what would that be?

The most important message of this study for pregnant women is to increase medical and midwifery information about physical activity and how to do it and to encourage the family and people around them to do physical activity.

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