Diversity and inclusivity are core values here at BOSEM. We strive to be an active voice in the public discussion around inclusivity and diversity. Where do we focus? How do we aim to achieve our goals? Just read on …


You can also download our strategy here ➡️ BOSEM – Inclusivity & Diversity Strategy


We have identified four key areas in which we strive to make a difference.



1. Diversity in authorship and topics

We welcome and encourage submissions from different countries, from researchers of different age groups and levels of experience, different racial and ethnic groups, and different genders.

We are open to considering and accepting under-represented sport and exercise medicine fields and topics, including topics focusing specifically on diversity.


2. Diversity within the review process

Our mission is to provide a balanced review of manuscripts while also providing a learning and mentoring experience for those reviewers seeking such an opportunity.

Our mission includes consideration of diversity in the review process by seeking the inclusion of reviewers:

  • From local contexts (i.e., the context or setting in which the study took place) or reviewers with awareness/appreciation of the subtleties of research in that space;
  • That are early career researchers;
  • Of different gender / ethnicity / languages.


3. Current diversity within the editorial board

We strive to be transparent about the current diversity status of the editorial board and to actively work towards greater inclusion.

At present, we have members on our team from across the globe, with different cultural backgrounds and genders. At the same time, we acknowledge a non-equal distribution and made it our responsibility to develop a balanced team.



We are conscious that the concepts of diversity and inclusivity extend beyond gender and geographical distribution. Our mission is to continue identifying areas where we should work towards greater inclusivity and diversity, such as age or research experience.


4. BOSEM Mentorship program

As an editorial team, we believe it is important to give our time and expertise to support researchers from less supportive or resource-limited backgrounds to publish their research and ultimately contribute to the body of knowledge in their field.

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