The BMJ Today: Women’s satisfaction with pain relief during labour

Good morning. Here’s what is new in The BMJ.

Analgesics in labour. Are women more satisfied with pain relief obtained through a patient controlled device delivering remifentanil or epidural analgesia? Dutch researchers report on a head to head randomised trial comparing the two treatments.

Avoidable deaths. Improper monitoring and other errors led to the deaths of hundreds of people with mental health conditions in psychiatric wards and prisons, concludes an inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
NHS Foundation trusts. For the third quarter in a row, NHS foundation trusts failed to meet targets between October and December in 2014.

malaria_mosq Education
Mosquito control. Nina M Stanczyk and colleagues discuss DEET and other prevention measures in an article on mosquito repellents for travellers.

The NHS and political football. Margaret McCartney delivers a message to politicians: “if you love the NHS then set it free from your non-evidence based meddling.”

Peter Doshi is an associate editor for The BMJ