The BMJ Today: Watch out for the quiet ones

sally_carterI’m always pleased to see that people keep an eye on changes that are announced quietly by big organisations. Jim Murray alerts us to a discreet switch made by the European Commission. He explains in his blog: “In the UK, the Department of Health is the ‘parent,’ or sponsoring department, for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). That seems reasonable. It would be surprising if the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) were given the job, yet something like this has just happened in the new European Commission announced today.”

Other things that we should not miss include several articles published on yesterday. Neeraj Sood and colleagues present their research on government health insurance for people below the poverty line in India. The head of the Cancer Drugs Fund, Peter Clark, defends the body’s approach in a feature by Andrew Jack, and Deborah Hay and colleagues look at neutropenia in primary care.

Finally, the latest device from Apple—the Apple Watch—is one thing that we can be certain won’t be launched quietly. Among many other impressive sounding features it has some that have the potential to make us fitter. David Kerr tells us about the new gadget in his blog, and asks: “It might be cool, but will it make a difference to health?”

Sally Carter is a technical editor at The BMJ.