Mark Lewis goes west

An interesting week ahead …

I was fortunate enough last week to get short-listed to an ST post.  A brief phone call Thursday afternoon for an interview Monday, perfectly placed 2 days before the MRCS clinical exam – so today I started my 4 day road trip.  I have found a few other fellow travellers who are working their way around various venues across England, Wales and Scotland as part of the interview process – the longest I have heard so far is Truro -> Southhampton -> Exeter -> Glasgow on consecutive days!  My personal road trip started at 8am this morning, stopping off at Bristol for a quick structured interview and then on to Truro for the
clinical exam on Wednesday.  I thought I’d try to reduce the already burgeoning carbon footprint of MMC and keep on going to my exam, giving me a nice day to revise on the beach in Cornwall tomorrow.  At least that’s what I thought … the beach near my friend’s house looks like the 40 year storm from “Point Break” has hit and going outside is not really a good idea.  At least the road, (yes, there’s only one) was fine.

So, the interview is done.  Feels more like I been at another exam – there was a lot of clinical scenarios that were quite difficult to work through comfortably within the time limit.  Overall it was a very fair interview – very structured and organised into separate stations.  At least it provide good experience if I get lucky again.  If I could give any advice to anyone else going to ST interviews this week – it’s to make your portfolio very easy to read – be prepared to defend your professional development plan rigorously and ensure a good sound knowledge of what is expected of your level of training and those to follow in the next few years.

So on to the exam on Wednesday … then nights to celebrate!