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Congrats to ECOSEP, MuscleTech Network, and FC Barcelona – the 2015 cover competition winners!

12 Feb, 16 | by BJSM

December 49(24)Congratulations to all of the collaborators and supporters of the ECOSEP/FC Barcelona, December 2015 BJSM issue (#24) for winning the 2015 cover competition by a landslide (honorable runner up goes to Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand 49(issue #14) Strong debut performance!).

We had the pleasure of sharing the news with two of the major contributors: Nikos Malliaropoylos (founding member of ECOSEP), and Gil Rodas (FC Barcelona Doctor):

BJSM: Congratulations! How do you feel about winning “BJSM best cover” for 2015?

We are really impressed with this award. It’s a great example of team work between ECOSEP -MuscleTech -FC Barcelona and BJSM – a genuine collaboration between the scientific community and a football club. The front cover was the tip of the iceberg: a great global sport & exercise medicine event, in the biggest football stadium in Europe (capacity of 99,354 seats that hosted more than 400 international delegates). The stadium was a real feature of the conference of course as the podium was on the hallowed turf and our listners sat in the stadium seats. The big screen hosted the shots! Winning the Best Cover rewarded all our efforts to make this venture successful for the attendees.

BJSM: What in this 24th issue of 2015, stands out for you as exemplary work?

Not easy to answer this as there are so many good articles in this issue – which is usual for the BJSM now. The Exercise-induced leg pain in sport editorial is a very good update regarding this issue in sports. Exercise for osteoarthritis of the knee: a Cochrane systematic review and MRI, does not add value over and above patient history and clinical examination in predicting time to return to sport after acute hamstring injuries: A prospective cohort of 180 male athletes, are papers that can really affect practice and benefit patients who attend physiotherapists, doctors and other sports clinicians.

BJSM: In your opinion, where do we head from here?

FC Barcelona knows that a winning team always carries on maintaining the cornerstone partners. Muscle Tech and ECOSEP with BJSM support can add more value to Sports and Exercise Medicine both in Europe and globally. We are dedicated to this exciting field so let’s spread the word of the great evidence we have now and please look out for our conference in Barcelona, October 2016!

BJSM: Thanks Nikos and Gil! 

We will select and contact our 2 individual prize winners within the next two weeks. Stay tuned.

Muscle and Tendon, Inspiring Clinical Excellence: Muscletech Network Workshop and ECOSEP Congress (7-9, October 2015 Barcelona, still time to register)

3 Sep, 15 | by BJSM


Aspetar, FC Barcelona, ECOSEP and Leitat are convening international specialists and leading muscle and tendon researchers for 3 days of panels and discussions at the 7th Muscletech Network Workshop and 4th ECOSEP Congress. The event will be held: 7th to 9th October 2015 in the famed Camp Nou Stadium of FC Barcelona.

This years topic focus is: Muscle and Tendon, Inspiring Clinical Excellence

The event aims to:

  • Communicate research findings and discuss their clinical relevance.
  • Disseminate ideas to build professional and public interest and applicability for the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries.

Geared at specialists in the field, attendees and presenters will analyze, explore and reveal new ways to enhance cooperation between groups of hospital and university research.

Four Sports Medicine Societies will contribute to the Scientific program, upgrading the Congress to a Global Sport & Exercise Medicine Event: AMSSM (@TheAMSSM), ACSP (@, BASEM (@BASEM_uk) and ISMULT.

The 7th MTN and 4th ECOSEP congress will include several workshops led by some the best worldwide experts in sports injuries. These workshops will provide health professionals working with athletes valuable tools, knowledge and new skills to deal with injuries. All participants will have the opportunity to interact with international experts and learn how to design rehabilitation programs for tendon, hamstrings and groin injuries.

Speakers include: Jill Cook, Nikos Malliaropoulos, Xavier Linde and more…

  • Five Sessions on: Tendon Injuries, Diagnosis, Treatment , Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • Three sessions on: Muscle Injuries Classification, Treatment ,Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • One Session on: Nutrition and a Session on Overuse Injuries in Sports

The Opening Session will be on Sports and Exercise Medicine Across the World.

The workshops are free for participants registered for the whole event; you cannot attend the workshops without full registration to the congress. Space is limited, and they will allocate in order of inscription.

The excellent scientific program, the City of Barcelona, and the historic congress venue, are just some of the reasons why you should come to this event and enjoy this unique experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona this coming October 2015!
For more information:


Announcement of the BJSM 2014 Cover Competition prize winners, drum roll please…

9 Apr, 15 | by BJSM

A huge thank-you to everyone who voted in this year’s cover competition. Thanks to the record number of voters in all rounds. And thanks for your comments on the BJSM covers – which you may use in your presentations and social media to illustrate key points. Read the interesting career development stories from the a new sports medicine book prize winners below.

1. Dr. Eamonn Delahunt (@EamonnDelahunt)

Eamonn 1Tell us about your educational background and current involvement in Sports Medicine.

I graduated with a BSc Physiotherapy in 2003 from University College Dublin. Upon graduation, I received a PhD scholarship from the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology. Whilst completing my PhD, I worked part-time in a Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy clinic. I am currently a senior lecturer at UCD and teach in under-graduate and post-graduate physiotherapy and sports science programmes, and also supervise PhD and research MSc students. I recently received the honorary title Specialist Member of the Irish Society for Chartered Physiotherapists (discipline Sports Medicine).

What has been your inspiration? 

I developed a keen interest in sports physiotherapy clinical practice following a placement in 2nd year of my undergraduate education. After this placement I began to study Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine. I still have my original copy of the 2nd edition- it is just about holding together. From reading this book, I developed an interest in sports medicine and physiotherapy research by mainly consulting the bibliographic reference list at the end of each chapter. During the summer period between 3rd and 4th year of my under-graduate education I sourced an “extra” placement in a Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy clinic and this solidified my interest. After this there was no other option for me; I wanted to practice and research in the areas of sports medicine and sports physiotherapy.

Why you are excited to have won a new sports medicine book?

I currently have a strong interest in teaching and learning pedagogy. I am a strong believer in the principle of research-aligned teaching. I also try to practice the principle of research-enriched learning and teaching. The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries will provide an excellent supplementary resource to my current teaching, particularly for a final year module that I teach called Sports Injury Management.

What’s your favourite thing about the BJSM blog?

I love the utility of the blog as a learning resource for undergraduate students. We regularly use it to launch discussions in class. I have to say that the BJSM mobile app works well — great to reach the blog, download and listen to podcasts!

When not teaching or practicing Sports Medicine we will likely find you…

Watching UCI World Tour races on Eurosport.

2. Suzan de Jonge @Suus_DJ

Suzan de jongeECOSEP_photos_4
Tell us about your educational background and current involvements

I’m a clinical registrar and research trainee in Sports Medicine in Medical Center The Hague in the Netherlands. I combine the clinical training for sports physician with a PhD-project on Achilles tendon injuries at the Orthopaedic Department of the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. I’m a member of the national board of the Netherlands Association of Sports Medicine (VSG), as well as national chairperson of the board of registrars in Sports Medicine in the Netherlands. Last year I won the ECOSEP travelling fellowship and visited several sports medicine centres in five European countries. I hope to finish both my PhD-thesis and the specialist training for sports medicine this year.

What inspired you to become involved in Sports Medicine?

What attracted me to sports medicine, and continues to fuel my interest is the great diversity of problems (and solutions).

Why you are excited to have won a new sports medicine book?

The focus of training for sports medicine in the Netherlands lies more on exercise therapy than manual therapy. So I would love to receive Orthopedic Manual Therapy by Chad Cook to help me learn more about this field.

What’s your favourite thing about the BJSM blog?

While I do enjoy the diversity of topics on the BJSM blog, I have to admit I like the BJSM podcasts the most.


ECOSEP, A tale of European SEM Success – The future’s bright, the future’s SEM!

14 Dec, 14 | by BJSM

By Amit Chauhan (@AmitC_SEM) & Liam West (@Liam_West)

ECOSEP DEC 2014What was the aim of The European College of Sports & Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP) 2014 Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM) Trainee Conference (November 22-23rd) that recently took place? We wanted to organise a highly interactive event for delegates from a broad spectrum of specialities and arm them with the essential skills to kick-start their career in SEM. The 150 delegate tickets sold out within 2 weeks of the event going live so if you missed out, fear not, below is a brief summary on the event!

Even though we are babies in the SEM game, between the both of us we have attended over 40 conferences around the UK and abroad – we know what juniors want from an SEM conference! Professionals take note J #Lesson1: namely, affordable admission prices, big names, practical experience and networking opportunities.

Keynote Speakers

The conference included 8 fantastic keynote talks:

  • Dr Shabaaz Mughal, Team Doctor to Tottenham Hotspurs FC and Dr Amir Pakravan, Team Doctor to Crystal Palace FC, kicked off the conference explaining the difference between Sports Medicine and Exercise Medicine.
  • Dr Ian Beasley and Steve Kemp, Team Doctor & Physio to the Senior England Men’s Team respectively talked about working within Elite Sport at home and abroad and tips to get to the top.

On the Saturday afternoon, we had 4 further keynote talks aimed at gaining the perspective of those working alongside SEM practitioners. Mike Davison journalist for the Telegraph and Managing Director of Isokinetic, gave us a great insight into how to get recruited into SEM and what the media wants from SEM. He was followed by Jon Goodman, Performance Director at the Nike Academy and Founder of Think Fitness who entertained the delegates with stories of both good and bad SEM experiences he has encountered; #Lesson2 – first be a good person before second being a good practitioner.

To close Charlie Taylor, GB Rower on the Road to Rio, and Alejandro Faurlin, Argentinean professional premiership footballer for Queens Park Rangers gave an athlete’s perspective on SEM. #Lesson3 – Know your sport, know your athlete and know when to be quiet! The first day was closed by Nikos Malliaropoulos, founder of ECOSEP and co-organiser of this event, who repeated the importance of becoming active within the SEM community as early as possible.

ECOSEP DEc 132014Embedded Workshops
In total, we organised 16 workshops over the two days; #Lesson4 – (from the feedback) practicals make delegates happy! The first set of 4 parallel workshops on Saturday addressed knee, foot & ankle, hip & groin and shoulder joints, taking delegates through the anatomy, acute and chronic pathologies, rehabilitation and then physical examination of the musculoskeletal area allowing delegates to get hands-on!

The afternoon consisted of four absolutely fantastic parallel workshops, all of which had three talks from highly qualified professionals; “Sports Cardiology” (Sponsored by Doctors Academy), “Environmental Extremes”, “Technology, Performance and Sports Science” (Sponsored by Catapult) and “Nutrition for Performance and Health” (Sponsored by Bio-Synergy). This vast array of topics not only showed the diverse careers in SEM that could await many of the delegates but also offered some interesting #KnowledgeBombs. #Lesson5 – Students take note, SEM is much more than looking after a Premier League footballer’s knee!

The aim of second day of the conference was to arm delegates with key diagnostic and management skills to succeed in SEM. How did we (hopefully) achieve this? We ran 8 workshops in total where delegates spent 30 minutes at each workshop and rotated through four workshops in the morning and four more in the afternoon. The first 4 workshops comprised of diagnostic master-classes in 1) MRI imaging, 2) Radiography and CT imaging, 3) & 4) Ultrasound of the upper and lower limbs respectively (Sponsored by Sonosite and Centre for Ultrasound Studies). #Lesson6 – The ultrasound needs to become an extension of your arm to succeed in SEM! After this, we finished off with 4 workshops on common treatment modalities used in SEM; 1) Shockwave therapy (Sponsored by Venn Healthcare) 2) Injection therapy 3) Exercise prescription and 4) Manual therapy & taping (sponsored by FirstAid4Sport). The delegates had a lot of fun using the US and shockwave machines and came up with #Lesson7 – To know abnormal, you first need to know what is normal!

Venue & Support

Lunch and refreshments were provided throughout both days in the fantastic, historic, specimen-filled St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum. The conference was proudly endorsed and supported by numerous national and international organisations. We appreciated all the help and support we received from the 25 sponsors involved with the conference. Special thanks must go to the invaluable help from family (parents, brother and sister-in-law J) and friends who spent their entire weekend helping to ensure the event ran smoothly!

If you are an SEM enthusiast or someone new to this incredible field, make sure you attend any of the many events being organised and promoted right now, all over Twitter and Facebook. The SEM following is growing, at both an undergraduate and trainee level; there are SEM societies all around the UK, hosting high quality events with eminent speakers, and the opportunity to learn about a whole host of SEM-related topics. Going to these events is a really good way to meet like-minded individuals and possibly even organise research projects or shadowing opportunities in the SEM world.

You could (if you are brave enough) set-up your own SEM society at your university or even organise your own conference! This is a huge commitment, not to be taken lightly – you will have to invest a significant amount of time and effort, but it’s extremely satisfying and definitely worth it when you see delegates enjoying and gaining a lot from the events that you have organised. If you like the sound of this, please get in touch with USEMS. Each year, they help set up SEM societies all over the UK and also allow an SEM society to organise and run the annual undergraduate SEM conference.

For more information, or if you would like to get involved with LSEMS or the ECOSEP Student Committee, please contact me at

Amit Chauhan BSc (Hons) ECOSEP(ac) is a final year medical student at Barts and The London who achieved a first class honours in his intercalated BSc in Sports & Exercise Medicine and was awarded the Principal’s Prize at graduation. Amit is also the President and Co-Founder of The London Sports & Exercise Medicine Society (LSEMS), a regional society promoting the field of SEM to all undergraduate and postgraduate medical and physiotherapy students across London, with representatives at 8 major London universities. He was also recently elected as the President of the Medical Student Committee for the European College of Sports & Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP). His Twitter handle (as above) is @AmitC_SEM.

Dr. Liam West, BSc (Hons) MBBCh ECOSEP(ac) PG-Cert SEM, is a junior doctor in the Oxfordshire Deanery. In addition to his role as a Senior Associate Editor for BJSM, he coordinates the “Undergraduate Perspective on Sports & Exercise Medicine” Blog Series. He is passionate about developing the SEM undergraduate movement and sits on the Council of Sports Medicine for the Royal Society of Medicine as Editorial Representative, founder, and is the founder & current President of USEMS. He is also the elected President of the Junior Doctor’s Committee for the European College of Sport & Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP). His Twitter handle is @Liam_West

If you would like to contribute to the “Undergraduate Perspective on Sports & Exercise Medicine” Blog Series please email LIAMWESTSEM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK for further information.

Fighting (Physical) Inactivity (3 important conference dates!): Committee of the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians

10 Aug, 14 | by BJSM

By Dr Amir Pakravan

Physical inactivity is the fourth risk factor for mortality in the world and responsible for 6% of deaths globally.

globe_diversityHealthcare costs of physical inactivity are immense. Inactive adults spend up to 38% more days in hospital and it is estimated that physical inactivity is the main cause for up to 25% of colon and breast cancer burden, 27% of diabetes burden, and 30% of Ischaemic Heart Disease burden.

There are very well documented health benefits of physical activity in prevention and effective management of more than 20 different specific  medical conditions.

The fighting Inactivity Committee (FIC) of the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP) has the mission of promoting physical activity across Europe at the population level and among healthcare professionals.

We believe physical activity is most effective when incorporated into daily life. We have the long term aim to promote, support, and contribute to relevant research, guidelines, and policies across Europe by proactive involvement with such activities and acting as a European hub for information exchange.

ECOSEP-FIC recently achieved Observer Membership of the WHO European network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA Europe) which in addition to significantly raising the FIC status, would enable ECOSEP to officially associate with HEPA Europe and participate in its annual meetings and other activities.

The FIC Chair will be representing ECOSEP in the HEPA Europe 2014 Conference in August in Zurich where he will also present on a study of Exercise Referral Schemes delivery in Suffolk, England.

ECOSEP-FIC is proactively looking for educational opportunities where it can help promote the role of physical activity in healthcare.

“Wales Exercise Medicine Symposium,” September 2014 in Swansea is a high profile event endorsed by ECOSEP and organised by FIC member, Dr Bryn Savill. The event follows on the success of the first Symposium in 2013, and aims to display the best talent in the “Exercise is Medicine” field in Europe. This will be of interest to a large contingent of sport and exercise, and healthcare professionals.

The “PRACTICE SEM Conference” in October 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal, is another high profile event endorsed by ECOSEP and organised by Dr Jorge A Ruivo, also a member of FIC, which aims to promote discussion around therapeutic effects of physical activity, exercise, and sport on a wide range of public health issues. This year will focus on the latest trends in innovative training methodologies and physical activity interventions applied to patients with or at risk of chronic disease.

The “2014 ECOSEP Sport and Exercise Medicine Student Congress” in association with Queen Mary, University of London, in November also includes dedicated sessions on the role of Exercise Medicine component of SEM practice.

For further information about these and other ECOSEP-FIC activities please visit the relevant websites below.

FIC welcomes ideas and collaboration proposals from sport and exercise advocates, interested health professionals, and academics. To further support and expand our range of activities, we invite sponsorship offers that fit with the ECOSEP mandate.

References and weblinks:

1) Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health. World Health Organization 2010

2) 10 Facts on Physical Activity. World Health Organization website accessed Jul 2014.

3) Lee IM, Shiroma EJ, Lobelo F, et al; Lancet Physical Activity Series Working Group. Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide: an analysis of burden of disease and life expectancy. Lancet. 2012 Jul 21;380(9838):219-29.

4) ECOSEP website accessed Aug 2014.

5) WHO-HEPA Europe website accessed Aug 2014.

6) University of Zurich, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine – HEPA Europe 2014. Website accessed Aug 2014.

7) Eventbrite, Wales Exercise Medicine Symposium. Website accessed Aug 2014.

8) PRACTICE website accessed Aug 2014.


Dr Amir Pakravan is a Sport and Exercise Physician and the Chair of ECOSEP Fighting Inactivity Committee.   

The ECOSEP/ Bauerfeind Traveling Fellowship Program 2014: Apply until February 28th!

16 Jan, 14 | by Karim Khan

ECOSEP labelFrom many highly qualified applicants from different countries throughout Europe, ECOSEP: The European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians and their hosts from the leading European Sports Medicine Centres will select the Travelling Fellow on the basis of excellence in their personal and professional capabilities. The Travelling Fellow will represent her or his own country and showing leadership skills, will act as ECOSEP’s ambassador on tour and be committed to the continuing development of Sports and Exercise Medicine in Europe in the future.

Results of the Selection of Traveling Fellowship Participants 

The participants will be selected for their potential of a SEM career and their outstanding professional capabilities. We hope that they shine on the tour, making both friendships and important professional connections in the different centres and setting a high standard for future travelling fellows as part of ECOSEP/Bauerfeind.

Fellow Requirements

  • The candidate is a Medical Doctor and ECOSEP member in good standing.
  • A full ECOSEP member has the priority followed by the ECOSEP Associated members.
  • The applicant should be up to 40 years old.
  • The applicant should be involved in medical care of high level competitive sports with a track record of personal experience.
  • The applicant will ideally have done SEM specific research with publications (in press acceptable) and/or oral presentations in scientific meetings.
  • The applicant should be within the last two years of specialist training for SEM.
  • Candidates undergoing specialisation training for disciplines different from SEM (e.g. orthopaedic surgery or internal medicine) must show that their respective training centres have a key focus on SEM.

A CV is required, an application letter from the candidate, and two recommendation letters from their trainers. Also the Applicant candidate must include his/her proposal for a scientific research topic during the Travelling fellowship. This means, looking at a sport related problem, ideally relevant in all visited host centres. This must include an outline of the proposed study with reference to the literature.

The committee will select the candidate for the ECOSEP travelling fellowship who best fulfils the demands as listed above. The committee points out that there might be occasions when an apparently better qualified candidate is turned down as in their judgment the chosen fellow has more to gain from this unique experience. The selected candidate will present an account of their travel to the QMUL 2013 SEM congress after their Travelling Fellowship, and will submit a written report to the selection board within 3 weeks of having completed the Fellowship.


Please submit all applications to by 28 February, 2014.

Travelling Fellowship ECOSEP Committee

 Chair: Prof Nicola Maffulli (UK)

 Members: Prof John. King (UK), Prof Heinz Lohrer (GER), Prof Antonio Turmo (SPAIN), Dr Aideen Henry (IRE), Dr Stefano Della Villa (ITA),Dr Nat Padhiar , Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos (GR), Mrs Elizabeth Crane (UK).

Sports Medicine Centers

 London SportsCare – London Independent Hospital.

 Institute for Sports Medicine (SMI) Frankfurt am Main

 High Performance Center (CAR of Sant Cugat-Consorci Sanitari of Terrassa) University of Barcelona

 Isokinetic Medical Group –Bologna.

 National Track & Field Centre, Sports Medicine Clinic S.E.G.A.S, Thessaloniki, Greece.


 Submission date: 28th February 2014.

 Announcement of selected candidate: 31th March 2014.

 The Traveling Fellowship will finish at the 16th Annual Scientific Meeting in

SEM QMUL 2014.

Time table

 Thessaloniki 17 – 25 May 2014

 Barcelona 27 – 31 May 2014

 Frankfurt 3 – 7 June 2014

 Bologna 10 – 14 June 2014

 London 2-6 September 2014

16th Annual Scientific Meeting In SEM QMUL 2014 September, 2014

Call for papers – The ECOSEP BJSM Judo and Martial Arts Issue 2013

2 Apr, 13 | by Karim Khan

ECOSEP  Invites  Submissions for December BJSM Issue (open to authors from all countries)

JudoWe are putting together articles for an ECOSEP Judo and Martial Arts issue which will be published by the BJSM in December, 2013. We are particularly interested in articles that may influence the current practice of sports medicine and welcome submissions on a broad range of topics. Our main focus will be on Judo, but we are also interested in the other martial arts, and hope to cover sports injuries, as well as nutritional and weight management issues in these sports.

However, we also encourage any sports scientists who have done research in this area to submit articles for consideration. 

Original research involving Judo, as well as reviews and educational pieces relevant to other martial arts are welcome.  All authors will have to comply with the normal BJSM online submission process and all articles will be subject to peer review.

If you have a paper you would like to submit (or are in the process of completing relevant research) please contact Nikos Malliaropoulos (

NB. All articles must to be submitted online via the BJSM website by July 1st 2013 –  (click the ‘Submit a paper’ tab)

We look forward to hearing from you and to an excellent ECOSEP Judo and Martial Arts issue!

Nikos Malliaropoulos – ECOSEP Secretary

ECOSEP label

Vote now! 2102 BJSM cover competition

12 Dec, 12 | by Karim Khan

‘Tis the season to vote for your favourite BJSM cover….

At BJSM we value the artistic merit of our covers, and the opinions of our readers. Here is the second annual BJSM cover competition. You (and your friends) will have five rounds of opportunity to vote for your favourite cover. The winner of each preliminary round will move to the final, sudden death round.

In last year’s exciting final round, Superbowl, Grand Final, and Champion of Champions League Cup, South Africa (South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA)) Congress issue (June 2011) defeated the UK (BASEM’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference issue) (July 2011)). A good reminder to rally your networks!

We will have prizes in the final round, but more on that in a few weeks! For now, vote for your favourite cover from January – March 2012. (Remember that there are 16 issues a year of BJSM – because of our links with the IOC and their 4 issues dedicated to Injury Prevention and Health Promotion – see the Olympic Rings on those issue covers).

Cover 1

Cover 2


Cover 3

Cover 4


ECOSEP Congress September 9th-11th, 2010, London

28 May, 10 | by Karim Khan

ECOSEP Congress is an international interdisciplinary event which is held every two years and attracts over 400 participants from all over Europe.

This year it will take place with the 12TH Annual Scientific Conference in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine, Queen Mary, University of London.

The 2nd ECOSEP congress will be held in London 9-11th September 2010. Prof  Nicola Maffulli, Dr. John King , Prof Charls Galasko, Prof Karim Khan, Dr. Nat Padhiar, Zoe Hudson, and Dr. N Malliaropoulos form part of the organising committee and we welcome contributions from Sports Medicine physicians, Physicians, Rehabilitation medicine physicians, Orthopaedic surgeons, Podiatrists, Podiatric surgeons, Academics, Researchers, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Manual therapists, and Exercise therapists.

This will be an important meeting which we hope will galvanise sports physicians into action in preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London.

The Organising and Scientific Committee welcomed you to join participate as a delegate or as an Oral or Poster presenter.

ECOSEP Congress 2010

30 Aug, 09 | by Karim Khan

We would like to invite you to join us in London UK Queen Mary for the 2nd ECOSEP Congress European College of Sport & Exercise Physicians, 12th Annual Scientific Conference in SEM.

This international interdisciplinary Sports Medicine congress held every two years, attracts over 400 participants from all over Europe and welcomes sports medicine physicians, physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, academics, researchers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, manual therapists, exercise therapists rehabilitation medicine physicians and students.

For more information and to submit and abstract visit the conference website: OR

To view and download a PDF, click here.

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