Who is to blame for all the football injuries?

John Orchard, BJSM guest blog (@DrJohnOrchard)

Another major football tournament is on – Euro 2012 – and those following the England team keep reading (yet again) about the number of injured players. Why do injuries seem to be more prevalent than ever if our professionalism is supposedly improving?

In trying to answer this question, why not start with elephant in the room? The players are expected to play too much football, with not enough time for recovery. The marketing and finance gurus, who seem to be charge of scheduling games and tournaments without much input from a sports science and medicine perspective, don’t seem to have much sympathy for multimillion pound players, as long as there are enough of them to replace those who fall by the wayside due to injury. The club managers, who can face the sack if their teams don’t win enough games, also don’t have much sympathy for the national team managers, who are under exactly the same pressure, and vice versa. It apparently is on the agenda to try to reduce the number of games that a top player is expected to participate in annually, but it is tough to find a solution when clubs have so many important competitions and the national teams also want to use their best players at every opportunity.

So if you are a sports medicine professional working for one of the clubs or countries, do you just throw your hands in the air and declare that due to forces beyond your control there is little you can do about your club/country’s injury crisis?

There are a few experts around who believe that sports science & medicine staff should take matters more into their own hands and exert more pressure on managers to load players less at training and give them more time off with rotation, which (as common sense and science would dictate) would hopefully lead to lower injury rates. One of the most outspoken experts is Raymond Verheijen, who has publicly castigated medical and fitness teams for not doing enough to balance match and training loads in players1. Many other sports medicine and science experts in the football world would partially agree with his views (that footballers train too hard and play too often) but would deny his assertion that individual practitioners have the power to easily change these factors.

Is there a plausible explanation as to why the majority of teams might be pursuing a strategy of training players too much and failing to rotate their teams enough? An examination of the culture within football might provide an answer. One of the universal aspects of the “football culture” is that the manager is all-powerful and virtually-all-accountable. Part of the “all-powerful” bit means that if there is a dispute between the manager and a doctor, physio or conditioner that the manager can pull rank and resolve the dispute in his favour. It is tempting to also suggest that the manager is “fully accountable” for results and in most cases this is true (i.e. if he doesn’t win enough games he often will face the sack). In the face of results which seem unacceptable (i.e. most of the time to fans and media with optimistic expectations), the manager usually has very few “get out of jail” cards. Perhaps one of the few he does have to regularly fall back on is that “too many of our top players were injured and hence we didn’t get the results we would have expected”.  This one possibly will wash to an extent with the board and the fans, as there is still a common view that injuries are generally random and therefore out of a manager’s control. This may explain a paradox in the way that managers manage. Although you would expect a rational manager to try to avoid injuries where possible (which would improve team performance), by doing so he might sacrificing a valuable “get out of jail” card. To illustrate further, on reading that Manchester United had many injuries2 in season 2011-12, do you think that the public reputation of Sir Alex Ferguson is more enhanced (that he almost won the league despite a horrendous injury toll) or diminished (that he oversaw a regime where too many injuries occurred)? My guess is the former.

Let’s take a few hypothetical (but close to reality) graphs of the relationship between training load on the x-axis and player fitness, team injury rate and team performance (fitness minus injury rate) on the y-axis (Figure 1).

Figure 1 – Relationship of training loads (‘x’ axis) to team fitness, performance and injuries (‘y’ axis)

The science and our experience would tend to agree with the general shapes of these curves, although it is impossible to put actual numbers on the data points in real life. Also, it goes without saying that loading is far more complicated (types of training, length, intensity, rest periods, injury layoffs, cycling etc) than a simple linear x-axis. However, please bear with the reduction of all the complexity to a simple x-axis for the sake of this hypothetical.  With respect to the red curve (‘team fitness’), it is true that to a point, the harder you train the fitter you will become, although at some stage, e.g. zone 6 on the x-axis, overtraining will kick in and further training will actually be detrimental to fitness. With respect to the green curve (‘injury rate’), if you are unfit you will get a lot of injuries but if athletes train too hard3-6 (or play too much7 or often8) they will also get more injuries when compared to more moderate training regimes. If team performance (blue curve) is a combination of fitness minus injuries9, then in theory the best zone for overall team performance might be zone 4 on the graph. However, for a manager operating in the ‘real world’, where he may be sacked if his team loses games and he can’t come up with an acceptable excuse, zone 5 may be a preferable target, even if it means a detrimental performance compared to zone 4.

If you are a team doctor or physiotherapist, your KPI (“key performance indicator” in business jargon) should theoretically relate to the green curve on the graph (injuries) and you might even be more comfortable with a training load in zone 3, which could put you at odds with the manager who prefers zone 5. Again, it is worth emphasising that in the real world, a good medico would not tend to suggest a blanket reduction of all training, but would look at individual risks for injury and try to set specific training limits for those players most at risk of becoming injury or worsening a pre-existing injury. From a coaching perspective, the perception of this professional approach may still be that it is an attempt at blanket load reduction (as in “the medical staff want to stop me from training/selecting my players as much as I’d like”). How much a staff member wants to try to butt heads with someone who has ultimate power to hire-and-fire may determine how much the issue gets pressed about lowering the training loads of certain players (or rotating the players more often in matches). It certainly doesn’t make you feel any bolder if you hear about some of the high profile EPL team medical staff members who have left their clubs recently, perhaps for standing their ground to the manager about trying to prevent injuries, when maybe those who have yielded more easily still survive to tell the tale. On the topic of the ‘real world’, medical staff often have the sneaking suspicion that the only KPI that matters is keeping in the good books of the manager and doing basically whatever he dictates.

I understand the need to make managers accountable, but also feel that the power base between the managers and medical staff at football clubs is slanted far too much in the managers’ favour9. In one sense, I partially agree with the criticisms of Verheijen, but on the other hand I can see why there needs to be a major culture shift before individuals at football teams can institute much of a change. That is, it is not necessarily the fault of the medical staff that they don’t have enough influence at football clubs.

Until the culture can be shifted, perhaps high injury rates may be relatively inevitable in most football teams, both at club and national level.


  1. Veysey, W. Amateurish & prehistoric: Russia coach Verheijen slams England’s Euro 2012 preparations. 
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John Orchard is an Australian sports physician who has worked with numerous professional team sports, but none in the EPL — for that league he is only an armchair expert. His sometimes controversial views are personal and not necessarily representative of organisations he is affiliated with. You can read more at www.johnorchard.com and/or follow @DrJohnOrchard on Twitter


The beauty of social media….(4 hours after the original blog post)

A reader just alerted us to Jan Ekstrand’s paper supporting the hypothetical graph above with data. We’d be  breaking copyright to post the PDF so we can’t do that but you can read the abstract here on PubMed.

Am J Sports Med. 1983 Mar-Apr;11(2):63-7.

Incidence of soccer injuries and their relation to training and team success.

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    Pada twitter resmi MU, sang pemain mengungkap rasa sukanya.

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    “So I’m really looking forward to it and happy for the ones I know like Stevie and Lucas, the ones I played with there.”
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  • Miguel Adair Keen to See Kaka at Sao Paulo

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Sao Paulo president Carlos Miguel Adair says he is eager to bring Kaka back to Brazil.
    The AC Milan legend is free to leave the Italian outfit at the end of the season in accord with a clause in his contract, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Everyone likes to dream,” Adair said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “We would love to see him on the San Paulo field along with Hulk, Dani Alves, Alan Kardec and why not Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar!”
    “Joking aside, there is only one name that I really want – Ricardo Kaka. It would be a dream to bring him home.”
    “For us he would be perfect. He has the face of someone from San Paulo, he is beautiful, good, speaks well and has all his teeth.”
    “We could not compete with the money of the Arabs and the Chinese, but he knows that here he would be the right man in the right place.”
    Source http://indo11.com

  • Man Utd Must Go for Big Name Manager, Says Meulensteen

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, following the sacking of David Moyes, ex-Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen feels the Red Devils must find a big name manager to be in charge at Old Trafford.
    Currently, Ryan Giggs is responsible for the job as an interim boss, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Alex Ferguson adapted to the role – he learned how to delegate and trust. He was very good at stepping back to see the bigger picture and making sure the cruise liner stayed on course,” Meulensteen said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “When you manage other clubs you are probably able to be more hands-on,” he added.
    Source http://indo11.com

  • Vieira a Big Fan of Pogba

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Arsenal hero and current Manchester City U21 coach Patrick Vieira has hailed the quality of Juventus star midfielder Paul Pogba.
    Following his successful spells at the Italian outfit, the talented midfielder has been linked with a number of European top clubs, including City, PSG and Real Madrid, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “He has more technique and he has better ball handling than I had at that age,” Vieira said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “It’s easier for him to join the attack. I was mainly concerned with the defensive aspect.”
    “He thinks offensively and so he takes part in more and more of the game.”
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • Villa’s Sylla Prepares to Go out on Loan

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Aston Villa midfielder Yacouba Sylla says he needs to leave the club to gain more playing time.
    “There are a lot of teams I could contribute to. I think I will leave on loan at the end of the season. I could already have done so in December but the gaffer told me that he was counting on me,” the 23-year-old said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “What I want is to come back to France, on loan for one year to a good club, a team with a good project,” he added, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “My agent Moussa Sissoko is working for that and there are interested clubs.”
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • Podolski Won’t Rule out Cologne Return

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, former FC Cologne star and current Arsenal attacker Lukas Podolski says he could return to the Newly Bundesliga promoted club one day in the future.
    The Germany international joined the Gunners in the summer of 2012 and has a contract with the London outfit until June 2016 but the 28-year-old insists he may end up his career at Cologne, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “The Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in the world and therefore in principle always interesting,” Podolski said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “In the Bundesliga, I naturally think first of the FC. That is much more than a club for me, this is home. Maybe I’m playing again with the Billy Goats; this is for me always an option and heart.”
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • Pique: Barca will bounce back next season

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Spain and Barcelona center-back Gerard Pique insists they will be even stronger next term following their likely trophyless campaign.
    “Maybe it hasn’t been our best season, but I’m sure we will end up coming back. It isn’t the first time we’ve gone through bad times and we have always bounced back,” the former Manchester United defender said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “I think there is still hope in the league though it will be tough – this is a club that has won more than once or twice on the last day of the season,” the 27-year-old Spain international added, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    Source http://indo11.com.

  • Som Bol

    Milan Hajar Inter 1-0


    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Derby Della Madonnina edisi kedua di musim ini menjadi milik AC Milan. Rosoneri menundukkan Inter Milan dengan skor tipis 1-0.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – ni menjadi kemenangan pertama Milan atas Inter dalam enam pertemuan terakhir mereka.

    Kali terakhir Diavolo Rosso bisa menundukkan saudara sekotanya itu adalah pada Agustus 2011 di ajang Piala Super Italia.

    Satu-satunya gol yang tercipta dalam duel ini datang di babak kedua.

    Tepatnya di menit 65 atas nama Nigel de Jong, saat tandukannya menyongsong umpan tendangan bebas Mario Balotelli gagal dihalau kiper Samir Handanovic.

    Tambahan tiga poin dari laga ini membuat Milan mengoleksi 54 poin dan naik satu anak tangga ke posisi delapan.

    Sementara buat Inter, hasil laga ini tak mengubah posisi mereka di tangga kelima klasemen dengan poin 57.

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  • Diego Lopez : Sebuah Hasil Imbang Tidaklah Buruk


    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Real Madrid gagal memaksimalkan momen bagus untuk menipiskan jarak dengan pimpinan klasemen, setelah bermain imbang dengan Valencia.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Meski demikian, satu angka tersebut dinilai sudah cukup bagus mengingat tim-tim rival juga gagal meraih poin maksimal.

    Selain Atletico yang kalah, Barcelona yang kini menempati posisi dua juga sebelumnya cuma bermain imbang saat menjamu Getafe.

    “Hanya kemenangan yang sebenarnya kami incar tapi melihat bagaimana banyak hal berjalan pekan ini, sebuah hasil imbang tidaklah buruk”.

    “Sekali lagi kita melihat bagaimana sulitnya untuk menang di La Liga dan kami, sama seperti yang lainnya, akan dibuat menderita di sisa pertandingan,” kata kiper Diego Lopez di situs resmi klub.

    Hasil-hasil akhir pekan kemarin membuat persaingan menuju titel kini kembali terbuka cukup lebar.

    Madrid pun kini bersiap memenangi tiga pertandingan tersisa demi menjaga harapan juara.

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  • Juve Kembali Dapatkan Tiga Bintang Emas


    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Dua musim lalu Juve harus menunda memasang tiga bintang emas di jersey-nya terkait keputusan pengadilan yang mencoret dua Scudetto mereka.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – karena mereka dianggap bersalah terlibat skandal Calciopoli. Dengan kata lain, titel di musim 2011/2012 baru merupakan gelar ke-28, bukan yang ke-30.

    Juventus akhirnya memilih ‘mengalah’. Mereka tidak memasang tiga bintang emas di jersey sejak musim 2012/2013.

    Sebagai gantinya, di musim itu manajemen klub menyematkan teks kecil di bawah logo yang bertuliskan ’30 sul campo’, yang diartikan sebagai ’30 gelar juara di atas lapangan’.

    Kini setelah memastikan menjadi juara Serie A musim 2013/2014, Juventus sah secara hukum telah merebut 30 Scudetto. Itu artinya mereka bisa memasang kembali tiga bintang emas pada seragamnya musim depan.

    Namun hingga kini tidak diketahui apakah Juventus akan memasang kembali bintang emas, atau memilih meniadakan bintang emas itu.

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  • homeland

    Balotelli Bemasalah di Otot

    Berita terbaru dan terkini Piala Dunia dari Agen Bola indo11 – Mario Balotelli akan fit dan siap untuk memulai laga di Piala Dunia 2014, menurut tim dokter Italia Enrico Castellacci.

    Agen Bola indo11 Terpercaya – Boomber AC Milan itu menderita masalah otot dalam kamp latihan pra-turnamen Gli Azzurri dan peluangnya menghadapi Inggris di laga pembuka pada 14 Juni diragukan.

    Namun, Castellacci menegaskan pemain 23 tahun mengalami masalah karena terlalu bekerja keras di pekan terakhir kompetisi dan dia yakin sang pemain akan masuk dalam rencana Cesare Prandelli sejak awal.

    “Dia bisa bermain. Dia belatih dengan keras. Dia bekerja terlalu banyak tapi kami mengatasinya. Dia tersedia untuk pelatih dan siap main.”

    Kebugaran Balotelli menjadi topik perdebatan di Italia menyusul pencoretan Giuseppe Rossi dari 23 pemain yang dipilih untuk berlaga di Brasil.

  • homeland

    Barcelona Tolak Tawaran Juve untuk Memboyong Alexis Sanchez

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola soccer dari Agen indo11 – Barcelona menolak tawaran Juventus untuk memboyong Alexis Sanchez. Juventus yang merupakan juara Serie-A musim lalu dikabarkan memberikan penawaran senilai 18 juta euro (sekitar Rp 289,281 miliar) untuk pemain internasional Cile itu. Tetapi Barca dengan cepat menolaknya, karena harga tersebut terlampau murah.

    Agen indo11 Terpercaya – Barca membeli pemain berusia 25 tahun itu pada tiga musim lalu dari Udinese. Untuk mendaratkan pemain yang sempat dipinjamkan ke Colo-Colo (2006-2007) dan River Plate (2007-2008) ke Camp Nou pada 2011, Blaugrana harus mengeluarkan uang senilai 40 juta euro (sekitar Rp 642,793 miliar).

    Karena itu, Barca tak mau membiarkan Juventus memilikinya dengan harga yang murah. Menurut Pelatih terbaru Barca, Luis Enrique hanya mau melepas pemain yang memperlihatkan grafik meningkat pada musim 2013/14 ini jika Juventus memberikan penawaran yang mendekati harga ketika Sanchez dibeli.

    Meskipun langsung ditolak, Juventus masih tetap menempatkan Sanchez di dalam daftar pemain buruan untuk bursa transfer musim panas. Si Nyonya Besar dikabarkan akan kembali memberikan penawaran kedua.

    Sanchez tampil sangat impresif bersama Barca pada musim yang baru lalu. Setelah kerab menghuni bangku cadangan, dia membayar kepercayaan pelatih Gerardo Tata Martino (yang mengakhiri kontrak pada akhir musim) dengan rajin membikin gol. Total, Sanchez mengemas 21 gol di semua kompetisi, termasuk 19 di Primera Division.

  • home lan

    Lampard thinking of possible move to MLS

    Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has revealed his intention to move to MLS following the departure from Chelsea. His decision comes when the club didn’t extend his contract.

    Lampard: “The American thing is an option. I’m looking at different options but I want to carry on playing.” As highlighted by Agen Bola indo11.com

    Lampard will not make any decision to move to other clubs until the end of world cup event in which his nation will face Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica in Group D.

    He added: “I’d like to get it sorted soon – not in World Cup time, but after that. I’m not sure it’s possible to do now. I’m a big enough boy to get on and concentrate fully on this World Cup with England.”

  • wasignton124

    Allegri Ingin Jalani Liga Champions Dengan Baik

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Massimiliano Allegri, pelatih anyar Juventus, mengaku ia ingin klubnya meniru langkah yang dilakukan oleh finalis Liga Champions musim lalu, Atletico Madrid.

    Menurutnya, dengan langkah dan strategi yang jitu di bursa transfer, Il Bianconeri akan bisa menjalani kompetisi Eropa dengan baik.

    “Kami akan bermain dan berusaha sekuat tenaga di liga hingga saat terakhir. Di Eropa, kami akan menemui banyak klub besar,” tutur Allegri.

    “Namun dengan organisasi dan strategi yang bagus di bursa transfer, seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh Atletico Madrid, kami pasti akan bisa menjalani Liga Champions dengan baik,” pungkasnya.

  • aesd124

    Allegri Ajukan Abate dan Astori

    Agen Bola terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Setelah resmi menjadi pelatih baru Juventus menggantikan Antonio Conte, Massimiliano Allegri langsung berburu pemain. Lini belakang menjadi perhatian khusus Allegri di bursa transfer.

    Allegri ingin membawa beberapa mantan pemainnya ke Turin. Kabarnya mantan pelatih AC Milan itu sudah mengajukan dua nama yakni Ignazio Abate dan Davide Astori ke jajaran manajemen Juve.

    Untuk mendapatkan servis Abate, Juve harus menebus sekitar delapan juta Euro kepada Rossoneri. Usaha Allegri untuk mendapatkan Astori dari Cagliari tentunya akan menemui saingan karena yang bersangkutan juga diminati Internazionale, Southampton dan juga Aston Villa.

    Bila transfer kedua pemain tersebut terwujud pastinya bakal ada pemain yang harus meninggalkan klub. Andrea Barzagli dan Angelo Ogbonna berpeluang besar di ambang menuju pintu keluar Juve.

  • Diame is Arsenal’s loss and Hull’s gain – Davies

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Hull City defender Curtis Davies has praised Mohamed Diame for his goalscoring start to life at the club, declaring himself delighted that the Senegalese midfielder chose the Tigers over Arsenal.

    Davies told reporters of Diame: “He’s been brilliant. His quality, his composure … he’s definitely added to our squad. I was expecting a hustle-and-bustle midfielder, a strong, get-about player. I thought the goals would come but to get four in five is ridiculous.

    “Arsenal were meant to get him on about two or three occasions. I’m not sure if it was something to do with the medicals. He nearly went there when he was at Wigan and West Ham.

    “I don’t know why it didn’t happen but I’m delighted it didn’t and that he came to us instead. I’m particularly delighted he’s travelled halfway round the world this week, put in that performance and scored a composed goal like that.”

  • Luis Enrique shrugs off Messi sub snub controversy

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Luis Enrique refused to be drawn into an argument over Lionel Messi ‘s apparent refusal to be substituted in Barcelona ‘s victory over Eibar.

    Messi scored Barca’s third goal in the 3-0 win at Camp Nou on Saturday and head coach Luis Enrique appeared to signal to the striker his intention to bring him off.

    However, the Argentina international – who needs just two goals to become the all-time leading goalscorer in La Liga – seemed to ignore those calls and Neymar was withdrawn instead.

    Luis Enrique was reluctant to discuss the issue.

    “I don’t want to really get into this kind of discussion,” he said.

    “Sometimes I make mistakes. I don’t want to get into the kind of argument about how you’ve interpreted this substitution.”

  • Ga lucita

    Messi better than Cristiano Ronaldo, insists Suarez

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Barcelona attacker Luis Suarez has stressed that his Argentine team-mate Lionel Messi is a better player than Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Messi and Ronaldo have won six Ballons d’Or between them in the past six years – the former emerging victorious four times and the latter twice – and are widely regarded as the two best players around in the game at the moment.

    The Portugal star has already netted 15 goals in seven La Liga appearances this term against the Barca man’s seven strikes, yet Suarez believes it’s the Argentine who is the better of the two irrespective of their record in 2014-15.

    “In my opinion Leo is better [than Ronaldo],” Suarez was quoted as saying by Mirror.

    “I train and play with Leo every day and he surprises me every day. He is unique.”

  • Manahati ease pace of the Laos players

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – The national team will face Indonesian pemungkas Laos in the first group match at the Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi, on Friday (28/11). In the game, Indonesia must win big score if you want to qualify for the semi-finals.

    However, they also still have to expect the defeat of Vietnam and the Philippines. Captain of Indonesian national team Manahati Lestusen claimed to be ready to relieve excess Laos when he returned to the players gain the confidence of the coach Alfred Riedl.

    Manahati likely that served as the left Rizki Bora usually occupied. Previously, Rizki said red card against Philippines Tuesday (25/11) before.

    Riedel revealed earlier that Manahati is the second option in the left back position after my live hood. “I still have no idea whether it should be reduced at next date, because there are still brothers Sobarda also in this position” said Manahati.

    “Laos has a very good player and they also have the speed. But I’m ready if it is found at next date,” he concluded.

  • Throwing Rudi Voeller and Stefan Kiessling disappointment after Monaco win 1-0

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Admitted sporting director Rudi Voeller Bayer Leverkusen angry with playing tactics applied ale-house Monaco when the two teams met in the continuation of the group stage in the Champions League on Thursday (27/11) in the early morning hours.

    In a match that took place in the Bay Arena, the dominant host appeared throughout the game. Instead, Monaco survives and tends to play negative football team. However, it was successful afternoon Monaco victorious thanks to a single goal in the 72nd minute Lucas Ocampos.

    “In two games against Monaco, we could not register. This is not good, but you have to see for yourself how [Monaco] play. It is amazing how much money they spend, but they only appear like that. They dislike playing football, he said.

    Taken from Leverkusen striker Stefan Kiessling similar view, but also the lessons learned from these defeats. “It is really sucks. However, we failed to complete a lot of opportunities. We must learn from this game because really bitter fighting in this way,” he explained.

    Despite losing, Roger Schmidt forces certainly qualify for the remainder of Group C thanks to a 1-0 win over Benfica Zenit St Petersburg. In the final in December, Zenit (7 points), Monaco (8 points) must accompany each other to a duel with Leverkusen (9 points) to the last 16 of the Champions League.

  • Ga lucita

    It is believed the Argentina captain sooner or later will be divided with the Catalans

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Although synonymous with Barcelona too, sooner or later you will Lionel Messi, left the Catalan club, and therefore the opinion Deco.

    Before to decorate the headlines with two record scorers of La Liga and the Champions League in four days, I do not Pulga makes media tantrum may indicate his future outside the Camp Nou.

    Believed Deco, who incidentally maintain Argentine’s departure from Barcelona will eventually become a reality.

    “I know that Messi goes in one day and he can be expected. Everything will come into the end,” said he told former midfielder Globo Esporte Blaugrana.

    “I understand all this speculation when a great player to speak, but no one is immortal in the team, especially in football. The great players and coaches come and go.”

    “Obviously, with Messi in the history of Barcelona, you can understand that it is difficult to see in other clubs, but one day it will happen in this season, perhaps in the next year or five years. It will depend on many things.”

    The current contract Messi at Camp Nou is still valid until 2018.

  • Ga lucita

    Pellegrini: Silva filled Aguero void against Crystal Palace

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini hailed the performance of David Silva after the midfielder inspired the Premier League champions to a 3-0 victory over Crystal Palace on Sunday.

    The Spain international scored twice in the second half to break the Eagles’ resistance as City moved level on points with Chelsea at the top of the table.

    And Pellegrini feels Silva did well to step up and fill the void left by the injured Sergio Aguero as the Etihad Stadium outfit started with no recognised strikers and just James Milner up front.

    “This team always needs Sergio Aguero to play because he is a very important player,” the Chilean told reporters.

    “But this team is not just about Sergio Aguero. Silva is exactly the same. They are top players that make the difference.”

  • Gil: Copa America is just what Brazil need

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Brazil defender Gil is already looking forward to next year’s Copa America, insisting the tournament is just what the side needs as Dunga leads them into a new era.

    The Corinthians centre-back was drafted into the squad following the World Cup and made his debut against Ecuador in September, replacing Danilo and filling in at right-back for the final moments of the clash in September.

    “When we are talking about Brazil, all the games are hard. We have a new road and we have to prepare very well. We want a year with victories and achievements for Brazil,” he told the official Copa America 2015 website.

    “[I remember] when Adriano scored against Argentina, in the last minute of the 2004 final. I was cheering a lot. I’m a big fan of Adriano and, of course, I supported Brazil a lot. I’ve watched Brazil since I was a child and now I can play for my country.”

  • Ramos beats Ronaldo to Club World Cup Golden Ball

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Sergio Ramos has been awarded the Golden Ball for the best player at the Club World Cup, beating team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Ramos’s performances were good enough to see him named as the tournament’s best player after the match, with Ronaldo finishing in second place. Auckland City captain Ivan Vucelich was handed the Bronze Ball; after guiding his side to a stunning victory in the third-place play-off.

    Ramos, who admitted afterwards that the muscular problem he picked up in the semi-final against Cruz Azul meant he should not really have played, was delighted to see his side round off 2014 with another trophy.

    “It’s true, I risked my injury playing today, but I wanted to play this match,” said the 28-year-old afterwards.

    “I’m so proud to have helped with those goals, but this is a success for the whole squad.”

  • aesd124

    Ter Stegen Hormati Keputusan Enrique


    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen mengatakan bahwa ia ingin bermain di semua pertandingan yang akan dimainkan Barcelona musim depan, namun kiper Jerman itu memilih menyerahkan nasib pada sang manajer, Luis Enrique.

    Ter Stegen memainkan peran penting kala tim mencatat prestasi treble winners musim lalu. Namun demikian, ia hanya dipercaya oleh sang manajer untuk turun di ajang Liga Champions dan Copa del Rey.

    “Saya ingin bermain di semua laga,” tutur Ter Stegen. “Bukan pertama kali saya ada di Washington, saya pernah kemari sebelumnya bersama tim nasional. Mengikuti pra-musim merupakan hal yang bagus. Saya ingin terus bermain namun semua ada di tangan pelatih.”

    “Saya harus berlatih keras. Saya kembali ke klub sebelum liburan berakhir khusus untuk mengikuti pra-musim. Saya ingin terus bersaing dengan Claudio Bravo, yang tampil bagus musim lalu. Kita lihat saja apa yang akan terjadi.”

  • wasignton124

    Van Gaal Tak Akan Perpanjang Kontrak di MU pada 2017


    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Manajer Manchester United, Louis van Gaal, mengungkapkan rencananya untuk pensiun dari dunia kepelatihan pada tahun 2017 mendatang. Dalam pengakuannya tersebut, keputusan itu ia ambil karena sudah berjanji kepada istrinya.

    Sebagaimana diketahui, 2017 merupakan waktu di mana kontrak Van Gaal sudah habis bersama The Red Devils. Pada kedatangannya tahun lalu, ia dikontrak selama tiga tahun saja.

    “Saya sudah berjanji kepada istri saya. Dalam waktu yang lama, kami tidak punya waktu bersama lagi,” ungkapnya.

    “Saya sudah melakukan segalanya di karir saya sebagai pelatih. Saya sudah merasakan liga Belanda, Spanyol, Jerman, dan sekarang di sini (Premier League). Semuanya fantastis,” imbuh Van Gaal.

    “Saya juga sudah berlaga di kejuaraan dunia. Saya sudah selesai. Jadi, apakah saya akan pergi ke Qatar untuk mencari uang lebih? Saya tidak berpikir demikian. Ada saatnya kalian menikmati hidup kalian dengan sang istri,” pungkasnya.

  • quess124

    Alonso Raih Hasil Terbaik di Musim Ini


    Agen Bola Terpercaya indo11.com melaporkan, Fernando Alonso berhasil meraih hasil balapan terbaik bersama McLaren saat beradu cepat seri GP Hongaria. Dia pun menyebut finis di posisi lima menjadi raihan yang luar biasa.

    Bersama McLaren, Alonso masih belum menemukan penampilan terbaik. Capaian terbaiknya barulah posisi 10 sebelum balapan di Hungaroring.

    Untuk McLaren, ini merupakan kali pertama bisa finis lima besar sejak menggunakan mesin Honda. Balapan kali ini juga menempatkan Jenson Button di peringkat sembilan.

    Soal keberhasilan finis di posisi lima besar ini, Alosno menyambutnya dengan antusias. Oleh karena itu, dia sampai menyebutnya sebagai hasil yang luar biasa.

    “Finis di posisi kelima merupakan suatu hal yang tak bisa dipercaya. Posisi kelima merupakan hadiah untuk kami, karena pada momen ini kami tidak super kompetitif,” ungkap Alonso.