March 2024 Issue

March 2024 SICreating comics, songs and poems to make sense of decolonising the curriculum: a collaborative autoethnography patchwork [read the article summary]
Muna Al-Jawad, Gaurish Chawla, Neil Singh

“And Then It Spreads”: contagion and disease as metaphors of sociomoral contamination in Charles Burns’ graphic novel Black Hole [read the article summary]
Arindam Nandi, Avishek Parui

They are not all wolves: menstruation, young adult fiction and nuancing the teenage boy [read the article summary]
Jemma Walton

Illness and (hyper)masculinity in ‘HIMM’ comics from the USA [read the article summary]
Paul Mitchell

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: interdisciplinary creative art practice and nature connections [read the article summary]
Catherine Baker, Nina Morris, Athanasios Tsirikos, Olga Fotakopoulou, Flora Parrott

Bearing witness poetically in a pandemic: documenting suffering and care in conditions of physical isolation and uncertainty
Katherine Boydell, Deborah Lupton

The ‘Glasgow effect’: the controversial cultural life of a public health term [read the article summary]
Fred Spence

‘It wasn’t what I was suited for’: regretful mothers negotiating their reproductive decision and mother role
Maja Bodin

Narratives of childhood sexual abuse: healing through music in Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach [read the article summary]
Neha Hejaz, Rajni Singh

Conceptual anatomy of the female genitalia using text mining and implications for patient care [read the article summary]
Carmen Thong, Alexis Doyle

Empowering the next generation: integrating adolescents into the Reproductive Justice movement
Julien Brisson, Mellissa Withers

Ethical guidelines for antiracism work in medicine: lessons from the antiracist healing collaborative [read the article summary]
Rupinder Legha, Russyan Mark Mabeza

Redefining global cardiac surgery through an intersectionality lens [read the article summary]
Dominique Vervoort, Lina A Elfaki, Maria Servito, Karla Yael Herrera-Morales, Kudzai Kanyepi

“Quite simply they don’t communicate”: a case study of a National Health Service response to staff suicide
Ann Luce, Georgia Turner, Lauren Kennedy, Reece D Bush-Evans

How and why to use ‘vulnerability’: an interdisciplinary analysis of disease risk, indeterminacy and normality [read the article summary]
Andrea Ford, Giulia De Togni, Sonja Erikainen, Angela Marques Filipe, Martyn Pickersgill, Steve Sturdy, Julia Swallow, Ingrid Young

Hospital space interpreted according to Heidegger’s concepts of care and dwelling [read the article summary]
Hye Youn Park

Too good for this world: moral bioenhancement and the ethics of making moral misfits [read the article summary]
Katherine Ward

Narrative Medicine Theory and Practice: the Double Helix Model [read the article summary]
Liam Butchart, Shabnam Parsa

Can ‘life writing’ be therapeutic in response to trauma? An exploratory research project in Medical Humanities in South Africa [read the article summary]
Dawn Garisch, Janet Giddy, Giles Griffin, Steve Reid

Meaning and role of functional-organic distinction: a study of clinicians in psychiatry and neurology services [read the article summary]
Alice Chesterfield, Jordan Harvey, Callum Hendrie, Sam Wilkinson, Norha Vera San Juan, Vaughan Bell

Turning good intentions into good outcomes: ethical dilemmas at a student-run clinic and a rubric for reflective action [read the article summary]
Nicholas Peoples, J Thomas Gebert, Dana Clark

Contention and collaboration: the tenuous encounter of modern Ayurveda and Western medicine in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
John Manohar Katial

Personalism and boosting organ ResERVOirs: a consideration of euthanasia by removal of vital organs in the Canadian context [read the article summary]
Jamie Grunwald

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