December 2022 Issue: Health Policy and Emotion

December 2022 Cover Health, policy and emotion
Agnes Arnold-Forster, Michael Brown, Alison Moulds

Women’s voices, emotion and empathy: engaging different publics with ‘everyday’ health histories
Tracey Loughran, Kate Mahoney, Daisy Payling

Pulling our lens backwards to move forward: an integrated approach to physician distress
Sydney Amelia McQueen, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Carol-anne Moulton

Cicely Saunders, ‘Total Pain’ and emotional evidence at the end of life
Joe Wood

‘Written of by novelists’: scripting and managing emotions in 19th-century medical manuscripts
Courtney E Thompson

Collecting affect: emotion and empathy in World War II photographs and drawings of plastic surgery [read the article summary]
Christine Slobogin

Conceptualisations of care: why understanding paid care is important
Rosie Harrison

Guilt, shame and negative emotion in undergraduate medical education: is there a role for Balint groups?
George Greenlees, Laura Archer

After the madhouses: the emotional politics of psychiatry and community care in the UK tabloid press 1980–1995
Leah Sidi

Beyond ‘born not made’: challenging character, emotions and professionalism in undergraduate medical education
Marie Allitt, Sally Frampton

Biopower under a state of exception: stories of dying and grieving alone during COVID-19 emergency measures [read the article summary]
J.Cristian Rangel, Dave Holmes, Amélie Perron, Granville E Miller

Aesthetics for everyday quality: one way to enrich healthcare improvement debates
Alan Cribb, Graham Pullin

The transition from abortion to miscarriage to describe early pregnancy loss in British medical journals: a prescribed or natural lexical change?
Beth Malory

Unburdening expectation and operating between: architecture in support of palliative care
Rebecca Mclaughlan, Beth George

Historiographies of surgical innovation: endoscopic endonasal pituitary surgery
Katherine Conroy

COP27 climate change conference: urgent action needed for Africa and the world
Chris Zielinski

Phenomenological physiotherapy: extending the concept of bodily intentionality
Jan Halák, Petr Kříž

‘The time is out of joint’: temporality, COVID-19 and graphic medicine [read the article summary]
Sathyaraj Venkatesan, Ishani Anwesha Joshi

In critique of anthropocentrism: a more-than-human ethical framework for antimicrobial resistance [read the article summary]
Jose A Cañada, Salla Sariola, Andrea Butcher

Temporal technologies of epidemics
Einar Wigen, A Nalan Azak, Ingrid Eskild, Helge Jordeim, Anne Kveim Lie, Akif Ercihan Yerlioglu, Espen Ytreberg

Fatherlessness, sperm donors and ‘so what?’ parentage: arguing against the immorality of donor conception through ‘world literature’ [read the article summary]
Grace Halden

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