September 2022 Issue

Sept 2022 IssueCasualties of the World War II metaphor: women’s reproductive health fighting for narrative inclusion in COVID-19
Yuki Bailey, Megha Shankar, Patrick Phillips

It’s about time: on the need of a temporal language for ecologically dimensioned medical humanities and public health scholarship
Julia Zielke

Psychedelic injustice: should bioethics tune in to the voices of psychedelic-using communities?
Riccardo Miceli McMillan

Hearing spiritually significant voices: A phenomenological survey and taxonomy [read the article summary]
Christopher C H Cook, Adam Powell, Ben Alderson-Day, Angela Woods

Science fiction authors’ perspectives on human genetic engineering [read the article summary]
Derek So, Kelsey Crocker, Robert Sladek, Yann Joly

‘Creative Ferment’: abortion and reproductive agency in Bessie Head’s Personal Choices trilogy [read the article summary]
Caitlin E Stobie

Picturing sanity, in black and white [read the article summary]
Bryan Mukandi

‘A Procedure Without a Problem’, or the face transplant that didn’t happen. The Royal Free, the Royal College of Surgeons and the challenge of surgical firsts
Fay Bound Alberti, Victoria Hoyle

‘Capable of being in uncertainties’: applied medical humanities in undergraduate medical education [read the article summary]
Neepa Thacker, Jennifer Wallis, Jo Winning

Digital hermeneutics: scaled readings of online depression discourses
Inge van de Ven, Tom van Nuenen

The making of a professional digital caregiver: personalisation and friendliness as practices of humanisation
Johan Hallqvist

Research forum: imaging a post-antimicrobial future
Rachel Irwin, Kristofer Hansson

Wars and sweets: microbes, medicines and other moderns in and beyond the(ir) antibiotic era [read the article summary]
Coll Hutchison

Imagining the postantibiotic future: the visual culture of a global health threat [read the article summary]
Rachel Irwin

Imagining a post-antibiotic era: a cultural analysis of crisis and antibiotic resistance
Kristofer Hansson, Adam Brenthel

A logical development: biomedicine’s fingerprints are on the instrument of close reading in Charonian Narrative Medicine
Shane Neilson

A model for abolitionist narrative medicine pedagogy
Pooja M Varman, Marcus P Mosley, Billie Christ

In Torlak we (would) trust: domestic vaccine production in contemporary Serbia [read the article summary]
Marija Brujić

Science fiction in bioethics: a role for feminist narratology [read the article summary]
Evie Kendal

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