June 2021 Special Issue: Global Genetic Fictions

Global genetic fictions [read the article summary]
by Clare Barker

‘More than biological’: Cherie Dimaline’s The Marrow Thieves as Indigenous countergenetic fiction‘Between-time stories’: waiting, war and the temporalities of care
by Shital Pravinchandra

Environmental racialisation and poetics of influence in the postgenomic era: fire, soil, spirit [read the article summary]
by Lara Choksey

Reading heredity in racist environments: epigenetic imaginaries in Bessie Head’s The Cardinals
by Frances Hemsley

New poetics of postcolonial relations: global genetic kinship in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and Amitav Ghosh’s The Calcutta Chromosome
by Paul Hamann-Rose

History, pastness and the postgenomic imaginary [read the article summary]
by Jerome de Groot

Time considered as a helix of infinite possibilities [read the article summary]
by Jay Clayton

Hostile environments? Down’s syndrome and genetic screening in contemporary cultureCommentary: Serving the nation, serving the people: echoes of war in the early NHS
by Lucy Burke

Out of date: genetics, history and the British novel of the 1990s
by Natalie Riley

Genetic enhancement, TED talks and the sense of wonder [read the article summary]
by Loredana Filip

Shame-to-cynicism conversion in The Citadel and The House of God [read the article summary]
by Arthur Rose

A brief and personal history of ‘what’s in a name’ in reproductive genetics [read the article summary]
by Jeff Nisker

Painful metaphors: enactivism and art in qualitative research [read the article summary]
by Peter Stilwell, Christie Stilwell, Brenda Sabo and Katherine Harman

Suspicious minds: cinematic depiction of distrust during epidemic disease outbreaks
by Qijun Han and Daniel R Curtis

Saudades de ser nihonjin: Japanese-Brazilian identity and mental health in literature and media
by Yuki Bailey

Presentation of the clothed self on the hospital ward: an ethnographic account of perceptual attention and implications for the personhood of people living with dementia
by Paula Boddington, Katie Featherstone and Andy Northcott

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