December 2017 Special Issue: Shame, Stigma and Medicine

Shame Cover

Why Shame, Stigma and Medicine?
Luna Dolezal and Barry Lyons introduce their special journal issue on Shame, Stigma and Medicine

Shame, stigma and medicine
by Barry Lyons, Luna Dolezal

Shame and the vulnerable self in medical contexts: the compassionate solution
by Paul Gilbert

A dirty little secret: stigma, shame and hepatitis C in the health setting
by Jane Megan Northrop

Shame, stigma, HIV: philosophical reflections
by Phil Hutchinson, Rageshri Dhairyawan

‘He would by no means risque his Reputation’: patient and doctor shame in Daniel Turner’s De Morbis Cutaneis (1714) and Syphilis (1717)
by Emily Cock

Pain, objectivity and history: understanding pain stigma
by Daniel S Goldberg

The medical reshaping of disabled bodies as a response to stigma and a route to normality
by Janice McLaughlin

On shame and voice-hearing
by Angela Woods

Health-related shame: an affective determinant of health?
by Luna Dolezal, Barry Lyons

Vulnerability, survival and shame in Nina Raine’s Tiger Country
by Deborah Bowman

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