June 2020 Special Issue: The Human Bodies of World War II: Beyond the Battlefield

June 2020 Special Issue

World War II: bodies beyond the battlefield
Listen to the podcast with the editors
by Hannah Simpson, Megan Girdwood

‘Between-time stories’: waiting, war and the temporalities of care
by Laura Salisbury

‘Never forget’: fictionalising the Holocaust survivor with dementia [read the article summary]
by Sue Vice

Special operations: a hidden chapter in the histories of facial surgery and human enhancement
by Roderick Bailey

‘A disastrous blow’: psychiatric risk, social indicators and medical authority in abortion reform in post-war Britain
by Sarah Crook

The case of Dr Masajiro Miyazaki: Japanese-Canadian healthcare in World War II [read the article summary]
by Letitia B Johnson

‘[Her] hostess … is anxious to have her back when she is cured’: The impact of the evacuation of children on wartime local services, England, 1939–1945 [read the article summary]
by Jonathan Taylor

Commentary: Serving the nation, serving the people: echoes of war in the early NHS
by Roberta Bivins

‘A higher form of listening’: a commentary on ‘the human bodies of World War II: beyond the battlefield’
by Emily Mayhew

Writing autohistoria-teoría: agency and illness in German life narratives by Evelyne Leandro and Mely Kiyak
by Katja Herges

Towards a translational medical humanities: introducing the cultural crossings of care
by Eivind Engebretsen, Gina Fraas Henrichsen and John Ødemark

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