COVID 19 and Medical Humanities

The present pandemic, unprecedented in its spread and breadth and occurring at a time of extraordinary political upheaval and divisiveness, lays bare systemic prejudice against the most vulnerable among us. We at Medical Humanities, with our focus on global health and social justice, welcome discussion about how the crisis has disproportionately affected racial and fiscal minorities, those from the disabled community, those who are LGBTQA+ and other vulnerable groups. We have been addressing these concerns recently in our podcast, where we interviewed disability activist Alice Wong and most recently Dr. Oni Blackstock, and our journal is open to submissions on these topics as well as our usual MH articles. But here on the MH Blog, we have possibly the most public facing of our platforms–a place where content can be quickly updated, and where conversations can occur among readers and writers. We openly invite submissions concerning the virus, as well as topics relevant to our wider CFP this year on social justice and health. Wishing you safety and good health–Brandy Schillace, EIC

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