Humanitarian Aid Week, Nov 22

Here at MH blog, we plan to host some of the corresponding blog posts and activities occurring during HEW. The #medicalhumanities and #healthhumanities promote social justice issues, and so also global health and outreach. Humanitarian relief, in the form of medicine and basic needs, naturally aligns with our attempts to engage culturally and to reach across boundaries. We look forward to sharing these posts, and encourage you to check out the resources at Evidence Aid for more.

Blog: Evidence-based practice to support Forecast-Based Financing

Written by Anne-Catherine Vanhove and Emmy De Buck, the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice (CEBaP), Belgian Red Cross.

First paragraph: Forecast-based financing (FbF) aims to bridge disaster risk reduction and disaster response, by using a weather forecast for rapid-onset hazards such as floods, extreme cold or cyclones to trigger action just before a disaster happens. FbF leads to the quick release of funds for “early actions”, activities which should enhance preparedness and early response in the days or hours before the hazardous event. These early actions might include distributing animal care kits, water purification tablets or jerrycans; providing heavy coats and tarpaulins for shelter, etc.[READ MORE]

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