CFP: Health, Gender, and Embodiment

A call for papers has been released for Dósis, a new online-only magazine and blog which explores the intersections between medical humanities and social justice. Its founding editor is our own editor-in-chief Brandy Schillace, and the inaugural issue is now online and deals with Sickness and Health in the Era of Trump.

The call for papers for the summer issue is currently open and is on the subject of Health, Gender and Embodiment.

To be embodied selves, tied to our human form in sickness and in health, offers unique challenges, physically, socially, psychologically, and culturally. Dósis seeks engagement across disciplines on topics concerning health, gender, and embodiment, but also on other aspects of embodied experience. Of particular interest: issues of access, acceptance, justice, and human rights.

Dósis invites essays, commentary, reviews, and visual art that meditate on these themes.

To pitch essays, commentary or visual art, the publication has a query form or potential contributors can contact managing editor Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook at

To pitch reviews of fiction, nonfiction, digital resources, and film/television works, there is a query form or contributors can contact review editor Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook at

Pitches for essays, commentary, and reviews will be considered on a rolling basis between now and 1 April 2018. Unless otherwise communicated by the assignment editor, first drafts will be due to the editor by 1 May 2018, editorial feedback will be provided by 15 May 2018 and final drafts will be due by 1 June 2018.

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